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Keep Gluten Free Dry Flour Mixes in Your Pantry For Ease and Convenience

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Do you enjoy baking and preparing foods such as muffins, cookies, biscotti and waffles at home?  Or do you operate a deli, restaurant or food cart where having access to a selection of gluten free dry mix is important?

Shopping for the combination of dry ingredients or dry mixes to be used in preparing your own gluten free recipes can be a time gobbling hassle, especially in more rural areas where specialty food stores are few and far between.  Many consumers today complain that they cannot get the specialty flours in  health food stores or bigger stores to support a gluten free recipe mix. In addition, purchasing a wide variety of individual type nut flours, brown rice flours, tapioca flour and ingredients used in gluten free foods can become a very expensive endeavor.  Finally, consider this:  when finding the right flours and ingredients, you’ve got to wonder how long those ingredients have been on the shelf.
Thanks to Gluten Free Things, a dedicated gluten free facility based in Arvada, CO, a wide variety of gluten free dry flour mixes are now available to keep on the pantry shelf with just the right blend of ingredients to create your own gluten free food items.
Gluten Free Things dry flour mixes include:  All Purpose Flour Mix, Brown Rice Flour Mix, Belgian Waffle and Pancake Mix, Pizza Dough Mix, and ____.   These are the same quality dry mixes we use in our own award winning muffins, cookies, breads and other products sold in our bakery.
We’re glad to share instructions and free recipes for those who are newbies in gluten free cooking.
Due to the high volume of products we use at our bakery,  the shelf life of our dry mixes and ingredients at Gluten Free Things ensure freshness and quality control for your own cooking success.  Our bakery is a dedicated gluten free facility, giving those with celiacs sprue disease the comfort in knowing there is no cross pollination of wheat possible, because it does not enter our store.
Through our dry mixes depot, Gluten Free Things wants to empower Do-It-Yourself Gluten Free Chefs to design the tastes that suit your creative foodie endeavors. In the near future, we’ll be pulling together a recipe corral to submit your favorite recipes using our Gluten Free Things Dry Flour Mixes.
Gluten Free Things is all about promoting and encouraging you to bake and prepare the kind of foods you love – gluten free of course.  Baking and creating Gluten Free Things in the comfort of your own kitchen offers many benefits that enhance your own personal wellness:   creativity, sharing, and ensuring the highest level of freshness you love and demand in the food items you and your family consumes.
Our Gluten Free Things – Dry Mixes  – For online purchase, Colorado and surrounding states get flat rate shipping ($10 – $12)  Get FedEx Ground shipping to other locations by visiting our long shelf life cart.
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