Low Cost Shipping Options for Gluten Free Things

To serve our loyal customers nationwide (USA), Gluten Free Things has configured and manages two separate shopping carts:

Our main website at GlutenFreeThings.com offers our entire product line including gluten-free Breads, Muffins, Cookies,  and a few frozen or refrigerated dough products such as our popular Pizza Dough Flats and Pizza Dough Balls.   (dough products are available using the customer pickup option only.)

A second supplemental cart at GlutenFreeThings.com/nonperishables/ offers LONG SHELF LIFE products only.  We’ve identified gluten-free products that retain optimum freshness and quality taste & texture for a long pantry shelf life, even with the rigorous conditions of multi-day shipments.

We’re very sensitive to the demand for freshness in our product deliveries.  We also strive to offer our quality gluten-free food products at lowest shipping costs.   To combine both goals of freshness and low shipping costs,  our two separate shopping carts will serve gluten-free consumers with options that apply to both geographic and product shelf life options.

Cart #1: GlutenFreeThings.com is configured for FLAT RATE, ONE DAY shipping to Colorado and surrounding states*.

*COLORADO ($10) and Surrounding States ($12):   KANSAS, UTAH, WYOMING, NEW MEXICO and NEBRASKA.

(A Customer Pickup option is available for online orders by using a shipping zip code that starts with 80. Orders must be picked up within 24 hrs)
All orders shipping to one address in Colorado qualifies as a $10 Flat Rate Per Order – shipped via FedEx Ground.
All orders shipping to one address in neighboring states qualifies a a $12 Flat Rate Per Order – shipped via FedEx Ground.
Neighboring states include Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.
Our shopping cart at https://906.c07.myftpupload.com is pre-configured for the above rates.
PLEASE NOTE:  We do not ship our fresh frozen pizza dough. Gluten-free pizza dough flats and balls are available for customer pickup at our Arvada CO based gluten free bakery.    You may place your order online for any products, as a convenience,  using any zip code that begins with “80”   (eight zero)  and pickup within a 24 hour period.   Orders not picked up within 24 hours may be subject to a restocking fee.

Cart #2: Long Shelf Life Shopping Cart offers LOW COST FedEx Ground shipping rates to 48 states.

For gluten-free food products that can be shipped affordably to OTHER U.S.A. based locations via FedEx Ground, we recommend visiting our NON-PERISHABLES store for selections of our gluten free crackers, crumbs, flour mixes, products with a long shelf life.  Our long shelf life products do not include preservatives.    Click here to see what is available in our non-perishables store.
Still wish to order non-perishable items from Gluten Free Things?  
BUT WOULD LIKE TO SHIP TO AN ADDRESS OUTSIDE OF Colorado or surrounding states*,
…. we invite you to call us at 303-668-1663 to place your order by phone.  It’s important to Gluten Free Things that our products are enjoyed by you and your friends and family with optimum freshness at the highest level of quality.
*In some cases, ship date is established by availability and determined by our baking cycles to ensure receipt of the freshest products. 

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