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Support Products Made In America.

Gluten Free Italian Focaccia Ready For Toppings

Lately we’ve all been facing the music about our human lifestyles….  “they” write about it in the news, in blogs, in Facebook posts…. everywhere we turn.

We’re BUSY.

With all the modern conveniences at our fingertips, electric can openers, salad spinners, and even nicely packaged meats and fruit that comes nicely chopped into chunks and available in pretty containers at the grocery store, life is much easier today than our ancestors had it.  We don’t have to churn the butter or grind anything and we definitely don’t sit and knit socks.
It comes to no surprise that automation has made life a lot easier than it was in our grandparents day.  But … shouldn’t we have tons more time now?   Um… NO.  It appears we’ve simply filled in the extra time with other things we like to do, want to do, or have to do.  Grab the dry cleaning, stop at the cellular store to reprogram the mobile phone,  grab a shot of coffee at our favorite java hut, go to the gym, run to the grocery store, take the kid to a piano recital or soccer practice… yada yada.   We’re just busy busy busy. …. who has time to stand around in the kitchen for a couple of hours to make gluten free bread products from scratch?  I’m looking for easy street without sacrificing great taste.   And we know there are lots of gluten free products out there that definitely sacrifice taste, texture and well, pretty much everything.
For those of you who enjoy cooking and experimenting full time and relish being in the kitchen… Rock On.
However, the pearls of wisdom here are for those of us who are going warp speed throughout the day, but still need to feed our families, feed ourselves and be in the kitchenless.   That certainly does not mean we want to sacrifice great taste just to churn out some crappy food that we sling onto the plates
Ok, I know I’ve gotten off course here a little, but I wanted to tell you about a few things you can pick up or order online at Gluten Free Things that can definitely make meal prep a better scenario.

  • Gluten Free Things Focaccia  SAVE with new VALUE PACK PRICING!
  • Gluten Free Things Flat Breads  SAVE with new VALUE PACK PRICING!

Whats so special about it?   Well for one, our gluten free Focaccia and Flat Bread products are made in a 100% dedicated gluten free facility in Arvada Colorado.  All you have to do is purchase it fresh from Gluten Free Things, freeze a few extras and when the time is right for a meal or snack, pop your favorite toppings on, heat or broil a little so the toppings are bubbly, melted and the entire round and its ingredients are nicely warmed.   Quarter  with a serrated knife and BAM!  Slide it on the kitchen island for devouring kids or at the dinner table or out by the pool for a quick and easy meal.   Instant goodness in a gluten free format.  Or stack with sandwich fillers and veggies for a nice little sandwich.  Stuff the flat bread with salad, wrap and go.
Whatever foodie fetishes get your taste buds going, these two Gluten Free Things products are wonderful meal enhancers for those of us on-the-go!


If you like to shop for volume staples, Gluten Free Things now offers VALUE PACK SAVINGS.  We’ve been working hard to upgrade ALL of our gluten-free products on our website to extend the savings to customers who shop online.   At the Gluten Free Things Arvada bakery storefront,  Value Pack pricing has been a popular incentive for GFT fans all summer long.   So for example, our Focaccia Bread (Traditional Plain or Rosemary) is regularly priced at $1.99 each for a 4 oz. 2″ x 6″ round.   When you purchase 4 or more, your price drops to $1.49 each.  Our Flat Breads are $5.99 regular price (4 flats per package), and our Value Pack pricing saves you a $1.00 each when you buy 3 or more packages.  Wow!  Now thats a nice deal!
Remember, our bread and muffin products do not contain preservatives, so if you’re ordering online, we limit shipments of our perishable gluten free products with a flat rate of $10 per order for Colorado residents and $12 flat rate for neighboring states of Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico.   For shoppers in States further away, see below:  Shipping Outside of Colorado and Neighboring States.
As an alternative, you might peruse our LONG SHELF LIFE cart which offers low cost FedEx Ground shipping to any state.  We offer our entire line of nonperishable products like croutons, bread crumbs, graham crackers and crumbs, flour mixes and less perishable products for your enjoyment.  Soon, shoppers will get Value Pack pricing in our Long Shelf Life shopping cart as well.
If you really want to order perishable bread products like Gluten Free Things Focaccia,  but you’re not in Colorado or Neighboring States, please call 303-668-1663 to place your order so we can provide you with an estimate of the FedEx 2 day shipping, based on your location and zip code.   Gluten Free Things does not puff the price of products to cover shipping costs.   But shipping can be spendy and we’re sensitive to family food budgets.  Gluten Free Things tries very hard to accommodate and serve its valued customers with the best options available concerning shipping.
Most importantly, if the food ain’t fresh, it ain’t no good! (pardon the southern slang).
Visit our Non-Perishables Cart.  We’ll roll out value pack pricing before September 1st, 2014.
Try Gluten Free Things Focaccia or Flat Breads and take advantage of “EASY MEALS” and Value Pack pricing for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend festivities!

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