Stock Up on Gluten-Free Foods before Memorial Weekend

Gluten Free Things for Memorial Weekend BBQs

Memorial weekend seems early this year, doesn’t it?

Maybe its because 2015 is blazing a trail and we’re almost half way through the year already!  Whew!   Mind boggling.

Paralleling the blaze of time, Gluten Free Things is baking up a storm these days.  Our very popular gluten-free products such as Pita/Flat Breads, Crostini’s, White French Loaf, English Muffins, Graham Crackers, Croutons, a variety of delicious Cookies and Biscotti are flying off the shelves as fast as we bake and place on our retail shelves.  Online orders, call in orders, and retail orders at our Arvada store are keeping us on our toes as we endeavor to deliver fresh, great TASTING, quality gluten free foods to all who have made the commitment to a gluten-free lifestyle.
For customers who regularly buy from Gluten Free Things, we want to remind you that a 10% Coupon is offered to anyone who posts a review on our website for any of the products you enjoy.   Just visit the product page of the item you’d like to review, scroll down to where you see a row of horizontal tabs, where you’ll find the Review tab.  You will need to login or register to post a review.  But we hope you’ll do that and in exchange we’ll send you a coupon for 10% off to be applied in-store or online.
With Memorial Weekend coming up this May 23rd, 24th and 25th,  stop by our Arvada, Colorado bakery to pick up your favorites to enjoy and share with friend and family  while you host a backyard BBQ.
Gluten-free Hamburger Buns are fresh made and ready for pickup between now and Saturday,  to make sure your Backyard BBQ is complete with the Hamburger or pulled pork sandwiches and all the fixings!
Gluten-free Graham Crackers are a wonderful treat to make S’more Bits or big S’mores around the campfire.
Hosting a party?   Our gluten-free Crostini’s are a fantastic item to keep in your pantry for quick appetizers.  These tasty gluten free toasts can be loaded up with bruschetta or special recipes to create easy finger foods of many different varieties. Easy Peasy!
How about gluten-free Pita Flat Breads that can be cut with scissors into wedges, brushed with olive oil and sea salt and toasted for a delicious dipper with hummus or cowboy caviar.  Or toast and watch them puff up with a pocket to fill with traditional Gyro or your favorite salad like tuna salad and egg salad.
Of course if you’re hosting guests or a kid sleepover, nothing is easier to prepare than our Pancake / Waffle Mix or Crepe Mix to serve with fresh fruit and a ricotta or cream cheese filling.   Yummy!

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