Support products made in America

Support Products Made In America.

EVERYTHING Vegan and Gluten Free !

NOW EVERYTHING at Gluten Free Things is Vegan

Wow!  We just wanted you to know that not just Breads, but ALL of our recipes at Gluten Free Things is made vegan.

Due to popular demand, and the high cost of eggs and dairy, we’ve cut to the chase and revamped all of our products to not only the highest quality gluten free products but NOW Vegan.
The only exceptions are  the  Italian Butter Cream Icing drizzled on our sweet rolls (and that we will not change – request without icing if you want the sweet rolls but not the icing)…..  AND the second exception would be temporarily, any products with chocolate chips.   Now you’ll be happy to know, that we’ve identified a replacement for the non-vegan chocolate chips and soon we’ll roll out the chocolate chip cookies and other products with these vegan chips.
Calling All Vegans.  We’ve got pizza dough, pie crust, pita bread, croutons, english muffins, white french loaf, crostini, cookies, biscotti, graham crackers and lots more!  Shop online or stop by our Arvada, CO Bakery.

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