SURPRISE! We're Shipping Our Gluten-Free Doughs To CO, KS, WY, NE, UT and NM This Holiday Season!

Gluten Free Things Pizza Flats at dedicated gluten free facility near Denver COGluten Free Things is taking an unprecedented step because of overwhelming demand & requests to ship our popular DOUGH products.

We’re using this 2015 holiday season to test out the feasibility of our decision, in an effort to get our gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, nut-free, soy-free, egg-free doughs into the kitchens of valued consumers who will not accept any other brand of gluten-free dough products.
Of course locally, in Arvada, and Denver Metro region, our pie crust and pizza dough literally flies off the shelf.    After many requests, we’re going to tip toe into this new service offering with caution and careful evaluation.
Unfortunately, for many,  we cannot ship our doughs everywhere.  Costs of shipping is atrocious with the extra weight needed for dry ice or coolie packs when going outside of our flat rate shipping area (Colorado and surrounding states.)
So,  during this upcoming holiday season, if your shipping address is located in Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico or Nebraska > you’ve lucked out.  Order away.
Click through on product details pages for our DOUGH products below to find a variety of pricing, including Value Pack and SUPER Value Pak:
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Here are the guidelines for shipping highly perishable dough products forthcoming:
Gluten Free Things will carefully test the reliability of our FedEx shippers.
IMPORTANT:  Your responsible handling of a perishable dough shipment will be very important as well.   If you order gluten-free pie dough, pizza dough or cookie dough, please have someone available, upon notification that your package has shipped, usually one day in CO and neighboring states.   You want to make sure the package gets into the refrigerator or freezer immediately upon delivery, unless your outside temps are hovering under 38 degrees F.   If no one is at home, maybe you could have your order shipped to your job location, if you have access to a freezer or refrigerator there.   
If the weather has turned warmer, Gluten Free Things is going to ask that you refrain from ordering our dough products until your local temps drop back below 38 deg.  
Also, we can’t stress enough that YOUR feedback will be appreciated and valued so that we can determine if shipping dough products during cooler winter months is feasible.  
If you would like to REVIEW our dough products on our website after enjoying the quality product you consume, please know we will send you a coupon worth 10% off on your next order.   Reviews and ratings of our products are super important to us and your honest feedback is what the broad mobile consumer market uses to determine if they will venture toward a purchase of our products.
You may ask:  should I put the dough in the freezer or refrigerator.   Thats up to you.  A good guideline would be:  if you’re going to use the dough product within the next day or two, you can store it in the refrigerator. However, if you aren’t sure as to when you’ll be using it, best bet is to just store it in the freezer.  Then on the day that you know you’re going to make a delicious creation with our dough products, just remove from the freezer in the early part of the day and give it 4-5 hours in your refrigerator to slowly defrost.  Let us know if you have any questions about that.   We’re happy to discuss it with you either by email, phone or text.
Finally, you should know how to get the most out of your purchasing power, especially during the HOLIDAY SEASON!  It makes sense, when it comes to your wallet, to consider taking advantage of our SUPER VALUE PAK pricing,  which is the same as pricing we offer to our wholesale customers like restaurants, stores and cafes.   We wanted regular consumers to be able to enjoy lower prices when purchasing your favorite Gluten Free Things products.     Its a win-win.   So grab more than one pie dough, pizza dough and cookie dough and enjoy the great taste of GLUTEN FREE THINGS and SAVE!!!  Thats Smart Shopping.

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