Holiday Treats Now Available for Pre-Order – Denver Metro Area

Gluten Free Things
Many of our holiday goodies are also VEGAN!

Well, the holidays are here.  Wow.  What a year!  Seems like Father Time is on permanent speed setting anymore.

We’re excited to announce our annual Thanksgiving Gluten-Free Goodie Drive.

gft-november14-28If you’re a busy mom, caretaker, professional, business owner or just busy because you have lots of balls to juggle, read on.
Our Thanksgiving Goodie Drive applies to Denver Metro, Boulder and regional consumers who can travel to Arvada CO for Customer Pickup of your pies.
Maybe rope one or two people in your Gluten Free or Vegan Group to pickup the orders.   Or just zip on over to get er done and then you don’t have to prepare all the goodies from scratch.  You can just sit with friends or go on a run, visit the gym or spend quality time with the family.
PRE-ORDER this week from Monday, November 16th through Saturday, November 21st online or in-bakery (we close at 2pm at the bakery).
PLAN TO PICKUP on Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving
Tuesday, November 23rd 7am to 7pm
Wednesday, November 23rd 7am to noon.
Pre-order online at or visit our Arvada Gluten Free Bakery at:
Gluten Free Things, 11651 64th Avenue, Unit A-6, Arvada, CO 80004
Take a look at our Holiday Treats and CALL 303-668-1663 or order online and make sure to use zipcode starting with 80* to enable the FREE CUSTOMER PICKUP option.   That way you don’t pay for shipping since you’ll be picking up your pies, quiches, pie crusts and other deliciousness.
gluten free cheesecakeWell, heres why pre-ordering a holiday goodie from Gluten Free Things is a win-win!  
We think it will save you a lot of time.  When you pickup our variety of pies or savory quiche, New York style cheesecake, or perhaps just the ease of ready-to-fill pie crusts (single or double) and pie dough balls for your own creation, it removes the stress of worrying about getting into traffic, crowds, shopping for the right ingredients to make gluten-free stuff.
Lots of us have family members with celiac or just following a gluten-free or vegan lifestyle.   With celiac, you have to be careful about cross contamination of gluten with the gluten-free foods.   With Gluten Free Things Thanksgiving Goodies, just pickup, take to the party or the holiday dinner.  Wake up on Thanksgiving morning and enjoy serving one of our savory quiches.   Order a loaf of White French Bread to slice and cook up as French Toast.
Give as a gift for the hostess or host or make a gift for a family or friend.  There are lots of reasons WHY and the popularity of our holiday goodies makes it a “no-brainer” each year when we get to this time of the season and the pre-orders start piling in.
The other part of win-win is that the pre-orders allow us to gauge how many of our goodies we need to have ready.  The growing popularity of gluten-free goodies is a fun way to share our tasty treats for our gluten-free and vegan consumers.
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Gluten Free Holiday Goodies are here for the taking (of course we’ll repeat the entire goodie drive at Christmas)  but be sure to pre-order on the phone (303-668-1663) or online at  If you’re a subscriber, you just received a special coupon today, to apply to any holiday goodie or Gluten Free Things branded products.  You can apply the coupon to Value Packs and Super Value Packs for really purchasing power.  Its just our way of saying THANKS!

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