Stock Your Pantry with Convenient Staples for your Gluten Free Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  (at least thats what the song title is).
Happy Holidays from Gluten Free ThingsThe holidays ARE a wonderful time of year!  The weather is changing, the snow is falling, and its a time of year when we try to connect with friends and family.  But it can also become overwhelming with all the extra “to-do’s”, the holiday parties, the shopping, the budget, the meals, keeping up with household chores, aging parents, recent loss of loved ones and just EVERYTHING.
Keep expectations for perfection at realistic levels.
No Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or other holiday celebration is perfect. View inevitable missteps as opportunities to demonstrate flexibility and resilience. A lopsided tree or a burned brisket won’t ruin your holiday; rather, it will create a family memory. If your children’s wish list is outside your budget, talk to them about the family’s finances this year and remind them that the holidays aren’t about expensive gifts.
There are ways to make your tight budget go further as well, and if you’re shopping for gluten-free, we’ve got a SAVINGS PLAN that will help your budget.
Super Value Pack pricing is available on all of our Gluten Free Things branded products.  That means when you purchase a staple item like Gluten Free Things White Bread Crumbs, for example, you can make your dollars go a lot further by purchasing in volume.
The regular price of Gluten Free White Bread Crumbs for a 12 oz container is $8.99
Compare that to $5.99 when you purchase 6 or more.   You’re saving 33% on the price of this product if you buy 6 or more.   Save 22% when you purchase between 2 and 5 packages.
Shopping in volume is a smart way to save, especially when you’re focused on the items that make your meal preparations easier and better tasting.
Choose from staple items that will help ease the burden of preparing labor intensive meals.   Our Gluten Free Things dry mixes are fabulous time savers and taste great.  Try our crepe mix and pancake waffle mixes.  Our gluten-free pizza mix makes excellent pizza dough that you can whip up in no time flat.
All of our products are created in our 100% dedicated gluten-free bakery to ensure zero cross contamination.  We do not allow any ingredient or food in our bakery that is not certified gluten-free.
In addition, most of our products are vegan as well and are dairy free, egg free, corn free, soy free and nut free.   In 2016 we’ll be adding a key to each product on our website so that its immediately clear which items are nut free or dairy free and which products may contain some amount of corn meal or dairy.
Make your holidays easier by shopping for staples like gluten-free vegan white bread crumbs, gluten-free croutons, gluten free dry flour mixes, gluten free pizza mix, gluten free graham crackers and gluten free vegan crostini to keep in your pantry for quick snacks or impromptu holiday visits.   Our Gluten Free Things Biscotti in three delicious varieties:

  • Double Chocolate Biscotti
  • Triple Vanilla Biscotti
  • Almond Sour Cherry Biscotti

These are excellent finger foods when you receive impromptu holiday visits and they have a long shelf life.  Biscotti are delicious to serve with coffee or tea.
Holiday Staple Items
Call Gluten Free Things at 303-668-1663 if we can answer any questions for you.  We’re here to help.

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