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Vicky's Story ~ Reflections of a Celiac. Part 1 of a 3 Part Video Series

Vicky was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue Disease about 6 years ago.

In this video, she reflects on her personal experiences with a disease that has traumatized her in direct and indirectly since she was an infant.

Celiac disease has been tossed around by naysayers and even medical professionals as something that the afflicted victims are imagining, or masking some other problem like stress or hormone fluctuations.
The good news is that while the incidences of Celiac Sprue disease are on the rise, the level of awareness and resources available today are on the increase.   To kickoff 2016, Gluten Free Things is building a Celiac Awareness Resource Guide to share important links and also stories told by other celiacs, to provide those who are still undiagnosed but are experiencing the symptoms of Celiac Sprue, the knowledge and insights to go get tested.
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