Gluten Free Things Customer Reviews and Video Reviews offer Proof To Validate Claims

When it comes to consumer marketing, especially online, its important to backup the claims we make about our products or services.

But how DO we backup our claims and validate them?

Isn’t it enough just saying “our stuff is the BEST”?   
Fraid not!   Tooting our own horn may be persuasive, but its just not enough to overcome consumer skepticism.  
Let’s face it, as consumers today, we’re all a little jaded anyway, and we need more than uninspiring platitudes to truly believe we’re making the right decisions, especially when we’re talking about buying Food that we eat and serve to our families and friends. 
The team at Gluten Free Things works very hard to create quality gluten-free vegan products such as our gluten-free vegan White French Loaf, and our English Muffins and Pita Bread.   We know that our bread products in particular, possess a really fantastic taste and wonderful texture, and our breads don’t fall apart when you eat them
But us saying that, and consumers believing it are two different things.Customer Reviews offer Proof
Today, there are LOTS of gluten-free bread products that are really fabulous, and others that taste like the cardboard box its packaged in.   So Why should consumers believe Gluten Free Things brand products sit among the best of the gazillion brands of gluten-free products popping up in the marketplace today?
What about the constant stream of new customer walk-ins who swing open the door of our Arvada, Colorado based dedicated gluten-free bakery and complain about rival products – right off the bat:

“Hey, I’m so glad to have discovered Gluten Free Things!  Friends of ours said that you have really good gluten-free bread.   We’re sick of “so and so’s” brand of gluten-free bread and refuse to eat it anymore.  It tastes terrible and falls apart”.

<<<< evil smile >>>>

There’s no doubt about it.  Those comments confirm to us at Gluten Free Things that healthy word-of-mouth advertising is on the prowl.
But it still begs the question:  How do we influence a large volume of gluten-free consumers with an approach that effectively gains trust, and provides the proof that:

  1. Gluten Free Things offers highly appealing gluten-free vegan bread products made in our 100% dedicated gluten-free bakery.
  2. Our gluten-free vegan bread products are enjoyed by a growing audience of both loyal B2C and B2B customers. 

Aside from continuous marketing, what we to support our investment in marketing are Proof Elements.

Proof elements are those little nuggets that give consumers the real evidence they need to help them make smart buying decisions.
Valid proof that we have a high quality, great tasting line of gluten-free bread products is in the opinions of consumers.
SO, over the past year, Gluten Free Things has focused a lot of effort in building up our portfolio of customer reviews.

Ratings and ReviewsProduct Ratings and Reviews

First, we began consistently asking customers to post reviews about Gluten Free Things on our website.  We have a Reviews tab on each product page where customers can login and post a rating based on 1 to 5 stars and also post their comments about the product and why they like it .   The Star Ratings and the comments for each product are easy to see as you visit our various product pages.  Some new items, like  hamburger buns and hotdog buns were just launched to our website in June, so we will begin focus on encouraging reviews for those gluten-free vegan products.
Product ratings and reviews include name, date, rating up to 5 stars and a comments box.  Shoppers can feel confident that these are valid comments posted by customers.

Gluten Free Blogger Reviews

Another way we approached gathering our proof elements was through gluten-free bloggers.   We began to identify and monitor third party gluten-free bloggers who are making consistent efforts in the gluten-free community to blog about topics on their challenges with celiac disease, restaurants that offer gluten-free options, innuendos about gluten-free lifestyles, gluten free recipes and other related stories.
When we see that bloggers have outlined info on their websites on how to go about requesting a review of gluten-free products, thats a big plus.
If the blogger has a relatively large and growing gluten-free audience, AND if they also offer blog or video reviews posted on their website, Bingo.  We reach out via email t0 inquire about reviewing Gluten Free Things.  If we receive a friendly and welcoming response, then we schedule a telephone call that helps us to personalize the plan and verify schedules.    A box of product is then shipped to the qualified bloggers address and we wait for everything to fall into place.

Meet Belinda Eldred of

We are so proud of the recent video review that our most recent blogger, Belinda Eldred of, put together as a result of Gluten Free Things we boxed up and sent to her a few weeks ago. Belinda and her team produced a 3+ minute video,  full of delightful visual and audio props,  as they prepared, taste tested and reviewed our gluten-free vegan products. What was really inspiring was Belinda’s opening storyline, about engineers,  highlighting John Irvin’s earlier career.  She brilliantly  merged that “engineer” theme into her review of Gluten Free Things.  What a fantastic delivery of the kind of quality product review that exceeded our expectations.
Take a moment to watch video review of Gluten Free Things.  As a celiac with a gluten-intolerant child in the household, Belinda validates with proof, that Gluten Free Things offers a highly appealing gluten-free vegan product line that deserves broad attention.  We hope you agree.

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