Support products made in America

Support Products Made In America.

Colorado Food Vendors: Does your food business offer gluten-free options? If not now, when?

Gluten Free Hamburger BunsRestaurants, food trucks, caterers, coffee shops and even traditional bakeries today are being asked day after day,  by a growing number of gluten-free consumers:

“Do you offer gluten-free options”?

Has your food business been asked this question?

If you own or manage a restaurant or food business, and you’re postponing the decision to adapt and offer a few gluten-free options or “substitutions”, are you sending your potential new stream of gluten-free customers down the road to your competition?
What does “No” say about your commitment to foodies in general?   What you’re really saying when you avoid adding any gluten-free options to your menu is “sure, we’re a food business, but we really don’t want to change anything or accommodate new and growing consumer groups.”
There are only TWO WAYS to increase profits for ANY business:   

  1. Reinvest profits into marketing
  2. Innovate  (like, understand that gluten-free is a “real” necessity and a critical health choice for a rapidly growing segment of the consumer base.)

Gluten-free demand is here to stay!  Take some time to research this claim.  We curate a digital paper called and explore many topics that would help you, as a business, realize 
Heck, even Greg Hollenbeck of The Modern Eater radio show is interviewing gluten-free vendors like Gluten Free Things and other food or beverage businesses committed to the gluten-free demand.
If your food business continues to say NO to gluten-free options, your COMPETITION might be saying YES and gaining business and increasing profits.   Consumer groups stick together, they talk, and word spreads fast.   Are you willing to send that new consumer group and all their friends over to your competition?

Offer a substitution for your pizza with a gluten-free option
With Gluten Free Things Pizza Crust

Gluten Free Things of Arvada, CO can support the potential of your business to increase profits.  HOW?

Start Simple. 
Select 2 or 3 items on your existing menu that you can offer as gluten-free substitutions for whatever is on your menu.   Print or order little stickers to add to your menus next to the items that offer gluten-free options.   It could be hamburger buns, or a hot dog buns, or english muffins or pizza crusts, pita bread or white french loaf or a myriad of other options.
By providing an EASY, RELIABLE resource for supplying the specialty needs of a growing audience of gluten-free vegan consumers, Gluten Free Things will  guide you with simple strategies on how to develop additional streams of revenue WITH NO RISK OR OBLIGATION.
Gluten Free Things will share customers business contact information and website with our subscribers and audience of gluten-free vegan consumers.

Check our product pages at  for recently posted reviews and ratings by customers enjoying Gluten Free Things for the quality taste and texture baked into every product we make.

Gluten Free Things places high standards on  the ingredients we bake into our gluten-free vegan french loaf, dinner rolls, hotdog and hamburger buns, hoagie rolls, pita bread, pizza crust, pizza dough, muffins, cookies, doughs, cakes, cupcakes and more.

All of our gluten-free vegan products are created in our 100% dedicated gluten-free bakery.

  • Our retail and production bakery is located in Arvada, Colorado.
  • We ship to all locations in Colorado at at $10 FLAT RATE and … we ship to:
  • Neighboring States like Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico ship at $12 FLAT RATE.
  • Orders of $175 or more ship FREE.

Gluten Free Things serves many commercial accounts in Colorado as well as for restaurants and food producers across the United States.   Our production capacity goals include  generating more volume by creating focused campaigns for businesses like yours.
Besides the climate, and multi faceted  outdoor recreational opportunities, Coloradans as consumers are well aware of choices they have to live a healthier life. The local consumer base is strong for gluten-free and vegan lifestyles.
Increase your consumer base with a few gluten-free options
Serve your customers what they want, and they will reward you, especially if you’re carrying Gluten Free Things brands.

Here are a few important considerations when selecting a gluten-free vegan product line.

Why is a 100% dedicated gluten-free facility important?

  1. Why call it “gluten-free” if its not.   We do not use a drop of anything with gluten in our shop, period.   Consumers can shop with confidence knowing that our gluten-free products are gluten free all the way.

How is the gluten-free ALSO vegan?

  1. Our research and development has been a continuous effort to deliver the quality products that Gluten-Free consumers ask for.
  2. Vegans consumers want to enjoy food that is produced gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, and corn-free, or a combination of several.
  3. The cross section of wants and needs by both gluten-free AND vegan consumers overlaps by a wide margin.  Therefore it is our mission and objective to accommodate our target audience by supplying the highest quality gluten-free vegan food products in the industry.

If you’re a food professional, catering service, restaurant or food truck and you’ve been asked ab0ut gluten-free and/or vegan, you have the choice to keep saying NO.
OR you can realize that gluten-free consumers are a growing audience and adding gluten-free can be a WIN-WIN for you and your valued customers.