2017 and Beyond: Gluten Free & Vegan Food Trends

Gluten Free Vegan Bruschetta
Gluten Free Vegan Bruschetta

Parade magazine recently posted that “an estimated 7.3 million Americans now identify as vegetarians, another 1 million are vegan (meaning they eat no animal-based foods at all) and a whopping 22.8 million follow a “vegetarian-inclined diet,” which means a whole of lot of us are eating our veggies these days.”
VOILA!   Gluten Free Things products are 100% vegan since fall of 2015.   
That means, in addition to the great taste of #glutenfree things, our products are also #dairy-free, #egg-free, complying with the vegetarian dietary guidelines.
Try any of our gluten-free vegan bread products such as White French Loaf, Hamburger and Hotdog Buns, Hoagie Rolls, Pita Bread, English Muffins, and any of the other popular goodies we offer through our retail brick and mortar bakery in Arvada, CO or online right here at GlutenFreeThings.com.   What you’ll discover is a bread product that sometimes is hard to distinguish from the real glutenized version.    John Irvin has carefully engineered and intensely tested his secret recipes for great flavor and texture.  Loyal customers tell us  that not only their tastebuds are loving Gluten Free Things but they feel like they’re able to lead a normal dietary plan with meals and recipes that include our gluten-free vegan goodies.

A few days ago, BakingBusiness.com posted an article on their blog that says “more people without celiac disease are going gluten-free”.    The article further underlines the statistic that  “the number of Americans who avoid gluten even though they do not have celiac disease more than tripled from 2009-2014, increasing to an estimated 3.1 million people, according to a study in the January issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings.”   Consistent with those findings, Gluten Free Things production is on the rise and our 2017 social marketing and digital presence management is poised for getting the word out about the great taste and texture of our premium gluten-free breads, doughs, muffins, cookies, and more.
In today’s digital marketplace, keyword searches conducted by consumers paint a clear picture about the trends that are impacting the food marketplace for 2017 and beyond.  Instacart.com shares in a recent blog article that “general searches for anything gluten-free, such as “gluten-free snacks,” “gluten-free hot dog buns” and “gluten-free crackers,” cracked the list of top trends in 2016.  Even “gluten-free meatballs,” it seems, are in high demand.
Specialty gluten-free brands like Capello’s Pasta are experiencing significant exposure as well.   Gluten Free Things carries a variety of this popular brand of  pasta in our dedicated gluten free bakery and available in for pickup or by ordering online.

In a report titled “Shaping the Future of Retail for Consumer Industries” compiled for a World Economic Forum project in collaboration with Accenture about the future of retail, the trends tell a fascinating story about the  “new breed of consumers [that are] shaping the industry’s future, where incumbents must adopt disruptive technologies and business models to cater to them.
Increasingly empowered consumers will have ready access to information, which means they will make decisions differently.
Gluten Free Things has invested large amounts of $$$ and time to innovate and respond to consumer demand, that include going beyond our engineered recipes for gluten-free vegan products.
Pivotal goals achieved in 2016 have laid the groundwork for mass expansion of Gluten Free Things onto store shelves and other commercial markets in preparation for 2017 and beyond.
One of the most prominent goals we embarked on and completed last September 2016 was the roll-out of new vinyl packaging for our gluten-free vegan products.  Our colorful new packaging now meets the requirements of distributors and retail grocers.
Sysco is the world’s largest foodservice distributor with a global supply chain spanning 40 countries.   Their  new one stop shop for ordering, bill pay, and tracking makes it easy for their customers to login and select the food products that consumers are demanding.
We are very pleased to announce that Sysco has approved and is carrying four Gluten Free Things products, available for convenient ordering through their new MySysco.com portal.

  1. Gluten Free Vegan Hamburger Buns
  2. Gluten Free Vegan Hoagie Rolls
  3. Gluten Free Vegan 12″ Pizza Crust
  4. Gluten Free Vegan English Muffins


Baked in our dedicated gluten-free bakery in Arvada, CO
Gluten Free Vegan Hotdog Buns

In addition to continued efforts to improve our online shopping portal at GlutenFreeThings.com,  and expanding the social marketing interactions with US consumers, we continue to appeal to the local, in-person visits to our dedicated gluten-free bakery.   Just check our online reviews.   Consumers that live, work and or visit Arvada CO and Denver Metro region for a host of travel related reasons, are loving the warmth and attention they receive when stopping into our Arvada CO Gluten Free Things retail bakery.   Owner, engineer and chief dedicated gluten free bakery expert,  John Irvin,  greets customers with a friendly helpful approach and offers oodles of samples to try before buying.   John is very knowledgeable about the gluten-free vegan food market and is pushing forward with his master plans to bring the great taste of Gluten Free Things to all consumers who want a premium gluten-free vegan product.
Aside from the appeal online and in our bakery, a major priority for Gluten Free Things  in 2017 is the expansion of our products presence on grocery store shelves, in restaurants, food trucks, caterers and all commercial food service businesses who have identified that providing gluten-free and vegan options for their customers is an advantage and a source for additional revenue streams.
Make no mistake, consumer demand is a powerful force that grocers must contend with and appeal to, now more than ever.   Digital shopping for groceries is on the rise and is creating a disruptive shift that is upsetting the apple cart when it comes to brick and mortar grocery shopping.   For national or regional grocers, the  balance between stocking smaller specialty brands on grocery store shelves that consumers are demanding while also ensuring shelf space for the large food producer alliances that grocery stores have relied on to stock their shelves up to now, is a tightrope that is adding to retail concerns.
The appeal of online shopping convenience for consumers in the age of mobile consumerism is a massive force.  Mobile consumers are turning to Amazon Prime Pantry, Thrive and other ecommerce grocery portals that offer convenience and a comfortable no-hassle shopping experience, without the need to get into traffic and crowds. Add to that, the prolific growth of specialty food products available online, like Gluten Free Things, and the result is a plethora of options for consumers.
Gluten-free and vegan consumers can make a big difference by pushing local grocers to add Gluten Free Things to their store shelves in 2017 and beyond.
If you’d like to see our products on a local specialty healthy food store or in larger grocery stores, let a manager know that you’re looking for your favorite brand of gluten-free vegan products.
Consumers are in the drivers seat today, and when it comes to the products consumers are demanding, corporate grocers are listening and if they don’t, they may go the way of the, well, print newspapers and kodak.
Get Gluten Free Things in your freezer today and after you’ve TASTED THE DIFFERENCE, let your grocer know you’d like them to stock Gluten Free Things Brand Bread products their grocery store shelves.   We’re all in this together, after all.  
Have you hear about the swell of attention Greg Hollenbeck has received of late through his podcast – Modern Eater?  We’ll bring  

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