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Over the years, has evolved in tandem with the exploding consumer demand for gluten-free products. We’re celebrating every time our customers show lots of LOVE for their Gluten Free Things and we’re returning the gesture with customer loyalty incentives.

Customers loyal to our premium gluten-free vegan brand of products will see instant savings in their carts.  See details below!


When you visit and have ordered 2 times, all subsequent orders receive INSTANT SAVINGS of 5% of the order total.   It shows as a discount when checking out.   Hey thats nice!
Add one of our Gluten Free Things promotional coupons to pack on  the savings!  We run constant promotions online with coupon codes through our Social media, Subscriber Promotions, Facebook Messaging and other spots on the digital landscape.   For example, if you visit our Google My Business Listing, you’ll see a coupon code worth 20% off through May 15th.   Lets do the math real quick.   10% + 20% equals a whopping 30% off every order.
Gluten Free Things Loyalty Program rolled out!NOW!  LET’S SWEETEN YOUR SAVINGS EVEN MORE!
Remember our Value Pack and Super Value Pack pricing on the old site? Click through to the product detail pages where you’ll find a link that is labeled Bulk Discounts.  When you click that link you’ll see how much you save when you buy in volume.     The savings is automatic in our shopping cart.   It works like magic!
You have to admit, with all of those savings, Gluten Free Things is really looking out for loyal customers and making sure that our incentives are provided to those who prefer Gluten Free Things brand premium products.   We’d sure appreciate your feedback about our products.   Would you do us a favor by posting reviews about your favorite Gluten Free Things premium products at our online store at   You’ll be helping your fellow gluten-free lifestylers or celiacs to know how you feel about the quality taste and texture packed into our yummy products.   Some consumers in restaurants and cafes even think they got the gluten-version because our product tastes and feels so good as your tastebuds munch down on our breads.
WHERE?  Just scroll down below the description on each detail Product page and you’ll see an aqua blue banner that says:  Leave a Review.     We’d be much obliged if you will share with others the way you feel about Gluten Free Things products.  Here’s an example from our Gluten Free Things brand White French Loaf page.   These reviews were pulled in from our old site that had been posted by loyal GFT Customers and the Leave a Review button is located below in aqua blue.

Gluten Free Vegan Product Reviews
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Have you ever tried our premium gluten-free vegan hamburger buns and hotdog buns?

Here’s what one vendor,  who attended Earth Day Denver last weekend, wrote to John about the 300 Gluten Free Things brand gluten-free vegan hotdog buns that she ordered specifically to couple with her vegan sausages:

From: Karen Kalavity
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 12:00 PM
To: John Irvin at Gluten Free Things
Subject: Vegan Sausages with Gluten-Free Vegan Buns


Thanks so much for the gluten-free buns, they were really tasty, and packaged perfectly to keep them moist for at least two days.  We had to inform people that they were gluten-free because they definitely did not taste like they were anything but a great bread product.  Our vegan Sausage product, Jack Rabbit’s Ranch Vegan Sausage, paired perfectly with your gluten-free vegan bun. We also  provided condiments such as sauerkraut, pickle relish, mustard, ketchup, etc at our Earth Day Denver event this past Saturday.

Karen Kalavity (President) Jack Rabbit’s Ranch

Our product, a vegan sausage, is vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, cruelty-free, dairy-free, etc.  We specifically created it as a meat substitute that does not contain soy, which some vegans/vegetarians are sensitive to.   It is made from carrots, beets, onions, okras, spinach, sunflower seeds (major form of protein), flax seeds, and sunflower seeds with Italian spices such as Oregano, fennel, etc.


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