Colorado based Gluten Free Things! Brain Child of John M. Irvin

Gluten Free Things owner John Irvin (co-owner with wife Peggy Irvin) is a Master Gluten Free Bakery Chef, at dedicated gluten-free bakery in Arvada, Colorado.

A graduate from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne FL, John’s mechanical engineering career spanned 30 years in an industrial setting, and took him all over the world to China, Australia and from coast to coast in the United States.   But around 2007 when allergy and auto-immune issues impacted his quality of life,  together with the 2008 housing bust and economy teetering on collapse,  John took time off of his engineering to get his health back on track.   It was then, when wife Peggy suggested that together, they pursue a total career change and tackle his long time culinary interests.  His severe gluten-intolerance led to dabbling with gluten-free products and the result!  Gluten Free Things was born.


Celiacs and Gluten Free Lifestyles Return to NORMAL
So many of our loyal customers are thrilled  to enjoy the truly premium gluten-free taste of Gluten Free Things and the opportunity for a return to NORMAL by enjoying some of the creature comforts in various foods they loved in the past,  but gave up due to diagnosis for celiac disease,  or a decision to eliminate gluten for other chronic health issues that improved when kicking gluten to the curb.

Since those early days, and through his meticulous efforts, John has tested and formulated gluten-free recipes using nutritious but minimal ingredients that he mixes together, shapes and bakes, producing a plethora of premium gluten-free bread products that gluten-free consumers are driving demand for.

May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month!

From White French Loaf and English Muffins to Pita Pockets, Pizza Crusts, Croissants, Graham Crackers and more, these quality products are getting rave reviews!

So goes the legacy of Chief Baking Engineer John Irvin, who has worked so hard to elevate the standards of gluten-free things. If your brand of gluten free is blah, tastes like cardboard, and falls apart when you try to eat it, SAY NO MORE!  Cross over to the premium brand that people are talking about.   But don’t take our word for it.   Read our reviews in our online store, on google, yelp and other online portals.

We want you to know exactly what sets Gluten Free Things apart from the rest.  

Our premium gluten-free vegan bread products are created from Johns specially formulated recipes that are packed with great taste and texture, but with minimal ingredients.

If you’re traveling in or live in the area of Arvada, CO, be sure to stop in at West 64th and Simms to sample our products.   We love to pamper your tastebuds with our premium quality bread products baked in a dedicated gluten-free bakery!

All Gluten Free Things brand products are free from:  gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn and nuts.

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