Fathers Day BBQ

Fathers Day BBQ is Sunday, June 19th, 2022

It’s a fun time of year with summertime in full swing, and Dad is getting fired up to gather the family and friends for a Backyard BBQ.

Get ready to grill your hamburgers and hotdogs with the great taste of Gluten Free Things.   Made in a dedicated bakery, our bread products are carefully formulated to use minimum ingredients so that the maximum number of consumers can enjoy the great taste of Gluten Free Things. 

For Father Day plans for your backyard BBQs, We’ve rolled out big savings on our gluten-free vegan Kits.  Use our coupon code on the following products for MAXIMUM savings on celiac-safe gluten-free vegan breads. 

Our Bread Basket Gift Pack offers great savings and consumers can choose any combination of our six most popular gluten free breads. 


Our 20% off coupon code works great if you prefer to shop in our online store,  or stop in at our bakery in Arvada, CO.

If you shop online, be sure to watch for your package and bring it in out of the hot sun as our Gluten Free Things breads contains no preservatives.  Best handling recommended is to refrigerate what you plan to use in the next day or two and freeze the rest.   Our breads freeze well and will defrost as fresh as the day you received your package.   

Compliment every meal, especially your celebration of DADS in backyard barbecues with the great taste of Gluten Free Things.  

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Gluten Free Vegan Bread Basket – $4/ea pkg x 6 = $24

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