Let us help you streamline your gluten-free Christmas dinner preparations. 

Gluten Free Things Christmas PiesChristmas is right around the corner.  

If you’re planning to make your own gluten-free or vegan fruit pies, pumpkin pies and goodies for the Christmas holiday gathering, then we salute you.   Unfortunately not everyone has the time nor inclination.  

Our Gluten Free Things Pie and Goodie Sale is now available for online pre-orders. 

Visit this link to cut to the chase and get er done. 

Of course baking during the holidays is a totally different animal than the routine dinner every night schtick.    You know, the age old  “What’s for dinner tonight” question that comes floating in from members of the family to the main cook.   Because he occasionally rattles off the statement “I know you hate to cook”, I consistently reply to my husband the same statement:   “thats not true, I don’t hate cooking” (not really getting WHY he didn’t process the last time I said the same thing).  I gently launch into the same explanation.  “It’s  the “ROUTINE” of dinner every night, every night, that gets old”, I repeat for the umpteenth time.
The reality is, many of us appointed as the household “cook” really do ENJOY trying new recipes and baking or cooking during the holidays …. again ( I repeat to him) ” just not the EVERY NIGHT drudgery.”  
Coincidentally,  I just baked a bunch of mini pumpkin spice cakes for a holiday gathering we’re invited to, because our internet connection had been down for several hours due to a fiber cut over in Seattle on the Century Link line.   For that baking project, I really put a lot of time into greasing up my fancy cupcake molds to ensure the little cakes would slip out without gouging the delicate cakes.   VOILA.   All turned out beautifully.   It really does pay to take the time to properly grease and  prep those pans.   (And, I really did enjoy it.  LOL!)
I digress.   Back to the real topic of this blog article.   We’re announcing that our Christmas Pie and Goodie Sale is now on, and since baking your own gluten-free anything can be quite the project, John Irvin, Master Baker and owner of Gluten Free Things,  enjoys helping his customers opt for an alternative when it comes to your Gluten Free Christmas.    “We can help you with the gluten-free vegan fruit pies, gluten free pumpkin pie, and gluten-free vegan breads like a dozen dinner rolls, French Loaf, Croissants, and Hoagie Rolls”, John states to the person who called the bakery.    
Gluten Free Things hope the Early Bird Sale Prices will help your ease the demands on your wallet and also  help you streamline your holiday preparations. 

Here are the details:

Early Bird Pricing on Pre-Orders for Arvada and Denver Metro customers is available online until Saturday, December 16th.

Visit Shop.GlutenFreeThings.com  to pre-order online.

After Saturday, December 16th our pie and goodies will be regular price.  We will end ordering at closing time on Tuesday, December 19th.   For those of you who just got busy and realize you need a pie or dinner rolls, call John at 303-668-1663 to inquire about extras he may have.

Indicate in your order when you plan to pickup your order:

Pickup dates before Christmas are:   7am and 7pm  Thursday, December 21st and Friday, December 22nd.   Or 7am to noon on Saturday, December 23rd.   

As a reminder, all items in our Holiday Pies & Goodies category are for Arvada and Denver Metro area Customer Pickup Only.  No Shipping.
In addition to pies (Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Pumpkin and Peach varieties) we’ve also got dinner rolls, french loaves, croissants and hoagies available for early bird pricing.

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