Want to offer your celiac or gluten intolerant family and loved ones a lovely Christmas Gift?   

Purchase a gift certificate in the amount of $35, and it  can be redeemed anytime before December 31, 2018.   

Gluten Free Things products are vegan, dairy free, egg free and soy free.  

Our Black Friday Special offers FREE SHIPPING of our Emergency Survival Kit unveiled with brand new packaging.   You select any combination from six full size packages of our premium gluten free vegan bread for just $35.  Free Shipping. 

Don’t wait for disaster to strike,  especially when inclement weather events leave travel outside hazardous and grocery store shelves empty.    

Bad winter storms have already tortured Americans across the midwest and northeastern seaboard this month.  Don’t wait for disaster to strike for you and your family.  Be prepared for emergencies by shopping smart.  

Our Black Friday Emergency Survival Kit  freezes well. 

 (Colorado pays Sales Tax).

Take it from Mandy Connell, host of of KHOW on iHeart Radio in Denver.   Mandy hosts a radio segment called Ladies Chit Chat Club.   Ladies happen to have majority stake in the gluten free & vegan consumer market so Mandy visited Gluten Free Things to provide her audience with quality products.    Listen in as she visits with John Irvin, Chief Baker and CEO of Gluten Free Things. 

Mandy Connell visits 
Gluten Free Things.

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