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Visit Gluten Free Things modernized online store configured with tons of customer loyalty incentives!

Visit Our New Online Store featuring optimized “one step” checkout Over the years, has evolved in tandem with the exploding consumer demand for gluten-free products. We’re celebrating every time our customers show lots of LOVE for their Gluten Free Things and we’re returning the gesture with customer loyalty incentives. Customers loyal to our premium gluten-free vegan brand of

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2017 and Beyond: Gluten Free & Vegan Food Trends

VEGANISM ON THE RISE Parade magazine recently posted that “an estimated 7.3 million Americans now identify as vegetarians, another 1 million are vegan (meaning they eat no animal-based foods at all) and a whopping 22.8 million follow a “vegetarian-inclined diet,” which means a whole of lot of us are eating our veggies these days.” VOILA!   Gluten Free

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Easy Vegan & Gluten Free Peanut Butter Fudge Christmas Recipe

Merry Christmas Greetings gluten-free vegan fans! It’s that time of year when gifts often take the form of sweet things. One of my favorite gluten free things is fudge and sometimes I like to mix it up by making a variety of chocolate and peanut butter fudge. This gluten free vegan peanut butter fudge recipe is fast and easy to

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Make It Easy! Pre-Order Gluten Free Thanksgiving Pies from Arvada Colorado Dedicated Gluten Free Bakery

Thanksgiving holiday is swooping upon us.  Wow.  What a whirlwind November so far! Now its time to Relax.  Enjoy your family and friends this holiday.   Let Gluten Free Things make things easy for you.  Whatever way you spend Thanksgiving, pre-order one of our gluten-free pies for Thanksgiving. You’ll be so glad you did. All you have to do is pre-order

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FedEx Ground is Back, New Labels, Product Reviews & More!

FED EX GROUND SHIPPING IS BACK We just wanted to give a heads up about our FedEx shipping to gluten-free customers across the U.S.    Now that we’ve segued back into the cooler months, approaching the holiday season and all way through April 1st, we’ve re-enabled our low cost FedEx Ground shipping module.   So you’ll be able

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Is Gluten Affecting Your Leaky Gut?

What you need to know about leaky gut and gluten. If you’re suffering from the symptoms of leaky gut, you’ve probably heard about a possible connection between this syndrome and gluten.   Here’s everything we know so far about the relationship between the two. What is leaky gut syndrome? Leaky gut is something of a catch-all

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STARTING TODAY!  Monday August 29, 2016 through Thursday, September 1 for online shipped orders!    Our most popular gluten-free vegan bread products are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.   Remember, we’re offering Flat Rate $10 shipping for COLORADO and $12 for neighboring states (Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico). Stock up for the Labor

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