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FedEx Ground is Back, New Labels, Product Reviews & More!

FED EX GROUND SHIPPING IS BACK We just wanted to give a heads up about our FedEx shipping to gluten-free customers across the U.S.    Now that we’ve segued back into the cooler months, approaching the holiday season and all way through April 1st, we’ve re-enabled our low cost FedEx Ground shipping module.   So you’ll be able

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Is Gluten Affecting Your Leaky Gut?

What you need to know about leaky gut and gluten. If you’re suffering from the symptoms of leaky gut, you’ve probably heard about a possible connection between this syndrome and gluten.   Here’s everything we know so far about the relationship between the two. What is leaky gut syndrome? Leaky gut is something of a catch-all

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STARTING TODAY!  Monday August 29, 2016 through Thursday, September 1 for online shipped orders!    Our most popular gluten-free vegan bread products are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.   Remember, we’re offering Flat Rate $10 shipping for COLORADO and $12 for neighboring states (Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico). Stock up for the Labor

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Sample Saturday and Holiday Weekend Desserts: Cupcakes & S'Mores

For those of you living in the Denver Metro, Arvada and surrounding area,  or visiting,  Gluten Free Things in Arvada, CO would like to invite you, your friends, your family members and neighbors to join us  this Saturday, May 28th from 9am to 1pm to sample some of our awesome gluten-free vegan food fare.  Its free for

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Tired of throwing away bad gluten-free bread? Check our Happy Bread Reviews

Yes, we hear it all the time from gluten-free consumers who’ve heard about Gluten Free Things and stop into our bakery with high hopes and word of mouth encouragement from friends or family, or a restaurant that served our Gluten Free Things. These consumers offer up their personal opinions of bad gluten-free bread experiences, like water flowing through

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Calling on Guest Bloggers at GlutenFreeThings.com

Gluten Free Things is on a mission to collaborate with other gluten-free bloggers. We want to get the word out about your experiences, opinions, interests, challenges and successes relating to a gluten-free lifestyle. Whether you OR a family member or a dear friend or colleague is gluten-intolerant, gluten-sensitive or dealing with Celiac Sprue disease, we welcome Guest

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