Gluten Free Things Blog Articles | Gluten Free Things, Inc. - Part 3
Gluten Free Things is located in Arvada CO
John Irvin

Colorado based Gluten Free Things! Brain Child of John M. Irvin

Gluten Free Things co-owner John Irvin(with wife Peggy Irvin) is Master Gluten Free Bakery Chef, at dedicated gluten-free bakery in Arvada, Colorado. A graduate from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne FL, John’s mechanical engineering career spanned 30 years in an industrial setting,

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2017 and Beyond: Gluten Free & Vegan Food Trends

VEGANISM ON THE RISE Parade magazine recently posted that “an estimated 7.3 million Americans now identify as vegetarians, another 1 million are vegan (meaning they eat no animal-based foods at all) and a whopping 22.8 million follow a “vegetarian-inclined diet,” which

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Is Gluten Affecting Your Leaky Gut?

What you need to know about leaky gut and gluten. If you’re suffering from the symptoms of leaky gut, you’ve probably heard about a possible connection between this syndrome and gluten.   Here’s everything we know so far about the relationship

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STARTING TODAY!  Monday August 29, 2016 through Thursday, September 1 for online shipped orders!    Our most popular gluten-free vegan bread products are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.   Remember, we’re offering Flat Rate $10 shipping for COLORADO and $12

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