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Arvada CO's Sample Saturday is this Saturday, Sept 26.

What is Sample Saturday? It’s an open invitation event,  while you’re out and about this Saturday, to visit Gluten Free Things – Arvada bakery location for Samples of our awesome gluten-free vegan fare. It’s where we setup a big table and serve

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EVERYTHING Vegan and Gluten Free !

NOW EVERYTHING at Gluten Free Things is Vegan Wow!  We just wanted you to know that not just Breads, but ALL of our recipes at Gluten Free Things is made vegan. Due to popular demand, and the high cost of eggs and

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Gluten Free Pita Chips and Hummus To Go!

Over the summer when BBQ’s and gathering with friends is a prominent activity, food is of course ALWAYS a consideration.   Its most appropriate to bring an appetizer, a side dish or dessert.    The Fourth of July weekend celebration

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Gluten Free Pita Flat Breads That Puff With A Pocket

Gluten Free Things Pita / Flat Breads are NEW AND IMPROVED. When placed in the toaster or toasted in the oven, they puff up just a like a regular Pita Bread product. Oh boy! It took a little shoving and pushing, but I got them in the toaster, pushed the toaster lever down and watched. Behold! In just a few moments, the toaster elements sprang into action and just like John said, the Pita /Flat Breads puffed up, separating into a pocket inside! Oh man! My grandmother taught me how to make Pita Bread, and as a half-breed Middle Eastern American, I always loved the puff of the pita’s in her oven. Now Gluten Free Things had figured a recipe for celiacs and gluten free intolerant consumers to enjoy the same. Pita’s with pockets to fill with gyro meats, salads or whatever fits the bill. The recipe on the label shows how to make gluten-free pita chips! WONDERFUL!

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