Denver Metro Area Restaurants & Food Truck Vendors Proclaim “Best Tasting” Gluten Free Vegan Bread is Gluten Free Things brand

Earlier this week I was flying home from a visit to the Denver area, back to my home in central Idaho.

For this trip, Arvada Colorado based Gluten Free Things was my final destination, combining business with a family gathering.

Mother barely escaped Florida and Irma’s devastating lashing to join me for some fun and family togetherness.  We had planned this trip last January and I was thrilled that B. Irma didn’t spoil our plans after all.
At the airport, Mom and I grabbed our rental car and made a beeline to Arvada to visit Gluten Free Things bakery, where innovation and rigorous testing has produced THE BEST TASTING and most bread-like  textured gluten-free vegan bread products.
I did not make this up (although I heartily agree).   Rather, I heard GFT  customers make this statement over and over,  as I hung out with John Irvin in his gluten-free bakery and visited restaurants that carry his fine food fare.

Gluten Free Vegan Breads at Pavy's Food TruckParticularly memorable was a food truck vendor based in Denver.   I had the distinct pleasure of speaking  with Joe Pavy of Pavy’s Food Truck.

Joe drives from Denver once a week to pickup his allotment of fresh Gluten Free Things to serve to customers who opt for gluten-free bread with their sandwiches or other food selections that he offers.
Lets just say, restaurant and food truck businesses like Pavy’s GET IT, that 85% of the gluten-free community are not celiac.   Why is this an important metric?   It’s not that Celiac Disease matters less.   No.  Gluten Free Things advocates for awareness of celiac disease through its blog articles, its digital paper ( and the fact that John Irvin has opted to operate a “dedicated” gluten free bakery.  That means no wheat gluten, period.   So why do so many restaurants, food trucks and caterers dis gluten-free community by saying “NO” to offering options for their bread based menu items?   Its just that the whole celiac sensitivity thing scares most business owners – since we live in a libelous society.   Do something wrong, make somebody sick without intent,  and your  entire business can end up in a lawyers wallet, with flames tracking behind the fall.   THATS what scares most businesses from carrying gluten-free substitutions.    So for those food operations who have thought about but rejected the idea of offering a few simple gluten-free options, I’d like to repeat that approximately 85% of the gluten-free community are not celiac.
Getting back to Pavy’s, we think the fabulous menu of gourmet sandwiches, hearty and flavorful, is #1.  But John, Joe and I agree that offering Denver-ites with  gluten-free options is one top reason why Pavy’s is experiencing a STELLER YEAR of business.  The strong demand from Denver eaters who opt for gluten free will time and time again, will continue to express itself through word of mouth that spreads through the gluten-free community like wildfire.
Fact is, gluten-free consumer groups tend to lock on to food establishments like Pavys Food Truck,  who graciously offer gluten-free substitutions, and subsequently increase their volume of business by creating a following of fans (both gluten-free and non-gluten-free) who simply love their gourmet sandwiches AND the option for gluten-free.
And here’s the thing.   Joe Pavy and his partner, Fred Smith, are  not only accommodating gluten-free happy campers in the various locations their food truck moves.   They will not settle for just any gluten-free bread.   Joe claimed emphatically as he stood in the bakery: – “my wife says I should find a place closer to buy gluten-free bread, but Gluten Free Things IS the best tasting bread and I’m not going to settle for anything less.”   Now that was a strong statement!  Joe Pavy’s decision to serve the best gluten-free vegan bread to his gluten-free consumer groups is a testament to Pavy’s willingness to give Denver eaters what they want.  Isn’t that called “consumer-centric” nowadays?   Right!
During the balance of our visit with John of Gluten Free Things, who also happens to be my eldest sibling, we had the divine opportunity to dine at Abrusci’s Fire and Wine in Lakewood.   Wow, this brand new location is stunning, hip and gorgeous, with plenty of atmosphere AND options for Gluten Free Things Hoagies, English Muffins, Bread Crumbs, All Purpose Flour, and Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies.   That tastebud tingling Friday night, John, his wife Peggy, mother and I,  feasted on delicious mussels with spicy davioli sauce, a salad Abrusci’s calls “The Kitchen Sink” and my main entree, a very fresh, perfectly seared Ahi Tuna steak encrusted with black and white sesame seeds on a bed of sticky rice.

Saturday, before heading up to Beaver Creek in the mountains for a getaway that would include a tour of the fall colors magnificently presented in hues of gold and orange, we snuck over to Pike Street and 64th Ave breakfast spot.  
Barbara, the owner of Home Cookin’ Cafe was so nice and friendly and whispered to me “I’m not even gluten-free and I love Gluten Free Things Pancake and Waffle Mix even more than regular “non-gluten” versions.  Wow!  Thank you Barbara!
Home Cookin’ Cafe was PACKED and we waited a good 20 to 30 minutes for a table as they moved customers in and out with efficiency and courteous service.   Gluten Free Things premium brand options at Home Cookin’ Cafe include gluten-free vegan English Muffins, Pancakes and Waffles and in October, the popular diner will introduce our gluten-free vegan hamburger buns to patrons.
Gluten Free Things in Mile High Stadium

The Center Plate, a vendor that operates club level concessions at Mile High Stadium is now carrying Gluten Free Things brand hoagie rolls in the stadium.

Gluten Free Things brand bread products is certainly paving many new opportunities for the gluten-free and vegan communities in the Denver metro area, as well as locations in other western states like Cave Man Burgers on Bell Road in Phoenix AZ, and LePeeps in Meridian Idaho as well as Sandpoint Idaho.
For more confirmations of the best gluten-free bread on the planet, check out reviews scattered across portals like Google My Business and Yelp,  from consumers who have discovered the great taste of Gluten Free Things…..oh,  and be sure to  visit GFT’s Vendor Locator Map for  expanding locations where Gluten Free Things premium brand of gluten-free vegan products is offered.  Gluten Free Things is baked fresh in a dedicated bakery located at the corner of Simms and West 64th Avenue in Arvada Colorado.   You won’t be disappointed in the taste and texture of this fabulous bread product.
John and Peggy both own and operate their own business
If you own or operate a restaurant, food truck, cafe or catering business in the Denver Metro Area or other locations, visit for a look at the excellent bread options available for your food operation.  Then call John Irvin at 303-668-1663 to ask questions and place an order of the Best Gluten Free Vegan Bread on the planet.
From gluten-free vegan Hamburger and Hotdog Buns, Pita Bread, Hoagies,  White French Loaf, Pizza Crusts and other bread options,  Gluten Free Things premium brand will keep the gluten-free community coming back for more.    We heard it over and over, reinforcing the fact that John Irvin’s secret recipe formulations,  using minimal ingredients with maximum flavor, is no self proclaimed mirage.
As a convenient option, restaurants using Sysco Food Service in the Denver area can order Gluten Free Things brand products direct from this popular food distributor.
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