Farmers Market Season is Ripe For Gluten Free & Vegan Breads and Treats.

Add Gluten Free to your Farmers Market


1.  Place an order for a couple of your favorite Gluten Free Things breads and treats that you’ll set-out initially, as samples,  along with your regular fresh veggies, jams and jellies or handcrafted items.  

2.  As a Farmers Market Vendor, talking to consumers about the types of gluten-free products their family enjoys will help you gain insight for the gluten free vegan breads or treats that you might offer as more popular items in your community.   

3.  Remember, when you receive your order from Gluten Free Things,  be sure to refrigerate all bread products or freeze depending on when the farmers market begins in your area.   Then transport your gluten free products in a cooler with some freezer blocks to keep things as chilled as possible especially if the weather is getting warmer.   Because Gluten Free Things does not contain any preservatives, we don’t want the bread to sweat inside the package, to avoid any mold from forming. 

4. Consumers may ask if they can pre-order Gluten Free Things through your vendor table.   Choose your path for accommodating those customers.   But do know, in the future we plan to add an affiliate program to that offers rewards of free products based on volume of customers you refer.  That will mean you can offer samples, then sell a few choice items at the table.  But those who want to order online themselves will be able to enter a code that gives them a coupon discount, plus tells us when you’re referring customers to our online store at 

Please feel free to reach out to us at to ask any questions about our grassroots effort to get our delicious Gluten Free Things in front of local consumers in your community.    

Choose from a variety of quality products made in our dedicated gluten free bakery:


Gluten Free Things has updated our shipping rates to help consumers to save.

For the past year, Colorado ships just $5 flat rate.    Neighboring states ship flat rate $10 (KS, NE, WY, UT, NM and OK).  All other states can choose from $20 flat rate shipping or UPS shipping whichever is less.  Orders that total $99 or more, now ship FREE.   

Get free shipping when you order $99 or more in our online store. No coupon required.

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