Colorado Ships $5 Flat Rate. NEW! Neighboring States Ship $10 Flat Rate. All other states (except HI & AK) Ship $20 Flat Rate!
Free Shipping On All Orders Over $99!*

Colorado Ships $5 Flat Rate. Neighboring States Ship $10 Flat Rate.
All other states (except HI & AK) Ship $20 Flat Rate!
Free Shipping On All Orders Over $99!*

Support American Made Products

Support Products Made In America.

Colorado Ships $5 Flat Rate. Neighboring States Ship $10 Flat Rate. All other states (except HI & AK) Ship $20 Flat Rate!
Free Shipping On All Orders Over $99!*

FedEx Ground is Back, New Labels, Product Reviews & More!

Ship with low cost Ground FED EX GROUND SHIPPING IS BACK

We just wanted to give a heads up about our FedEx shipping to gluten-free customers across the U.S.    Now that we’ve segued back into the cooler months, approaching the holiday season and all way through April 1st, we’ve re-enabled our low cost FedEx Ground shipping module.   So you’ll be able to order our popular gluten-free vegan products with low cost ground shipping to all points in the lower 48 states.
Flat Rate Shipping for  Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico
Colorado shipping is still offered at a flat rate of $10 per shipment.  And the neighboring states of  Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico ship at a flat rate of $12.
The summer season is hard on any perishable product, especially because Gluten Free Things does not use preservatives of any kind in our quality gluten-free bread products.   When we ship during hot summer months, the packaging can retain moisture inside the package from the altitude temps while in an airplane headed to a distribution point.   Once the plane lands, back in hot humid weather, the moist condensation can create mold.   Adding dry ice packs or coolie packs increases weight, and costs to consumers.   So this is a challenge we will approach again, as warm temperatures return.


Over the long hot summer, while the Gluten Free Things team has been hard at work tending priorities of keeping our shelves stocked with fresh gluten-free vegan products,  John Irvin has been designing new packaging and labels for a strategic entry on some new grocery shelves.  We’ll share that information when its time, and although the tedious details and documentation are  necessary evils when growth is afoot, we are thrilled to continue our slow but steady expansion into other marketplaces.


Gluten Free Things continues to receive wonderful reviews from our loyal customers and we cannot express our gratitude and appreciation enough to those of you who take the time to post your ratings and comments about our gluten-free vegan products.   Thank you Thank you.   Of course we’ll remind everyone that if you would like to post a rating/review on our website, we welcome your comments always and we’ll send you a coupon worth 10% off on your next purchase.
And as far as reviews go, we recently upgraded the reviews plugin on our website that enables us to invite other types of review media including the chance to include photos of how you enjoy your favorite products from Gluten Free Things as well a video reviews.   More details and how-to’s coming up in future blog articles.


We’re launching new social media campaigns to help Colorado food businesses to understand the advantages of offering gluten-free options on their menu.  We decided to tackle those food businesses starting in Colorado,  because thats where we’re located.   You’ll see on various social media’s our shout out to Restaurants, Pizza Shops, Cafes, Food Trucks, Caterers, Specialty Food Stores and Traditional Bakeries, urging them to consider the growing gluten-free consumer audience who loves to find a new restaurant or food source that offers gluten-free substitutions.
It’s really a no brainer for all food businesses to offer 1, 2 or 3 gluten-free substitutions.   BUT, and this is a BIG BUT here, there are often fears of the unknown or a mistaken assumption that gluten-free is just a trend and will burn out soon.  Really?
We can dispel those misunderstandings through helpful guidance and gentle persuasion by highlighting a variety of statistical facts and showing food businesses, even traditional bakeries, how easy it is to create a new stream of revenue by starting out with just 3 gluten-free items.   Once they get their feet wet, word starts spreading among gluten-free friends and family about the fact that “so and so’s” pizza delivery service offers a really good gluten-free crust, or that neighborhood cafe down the road is serving a delicious gluten-free english muffin.
While celiacs must be extremely vigilant about contamination from gluten, there are hordes of consumers out there who are basically following a “free from” lifestyle and thats the audience we’re educating these food businesses about.
Well, that should do it for news from Gluten Free Things.  Except one more thing:


If you happen to connect to The Modern Eater podcast with Greg Hollenback, John is on often with Greg, talking about Gluten Free Things and the landscape of gluten-free.
Checkout Segment 3: Here’s what its says:   “Gluten free is here to stay, and this guy is who you want to know if your life has cut out gluten! His name is John Irvin and he owns Gluten Free Things. This place is absolutely incredible, bagels, cup cakes, pizza dough, croissants, and my favorite, English muffins! All no gluten and delicious, listen to John tell you how you can get his awesome product.”
The Modern Eater first aired live on iHeart Radio on 10-01-16.   Greg is an excellent advocate for gluten-free lifestyles.   Tune in to hear more.  Or find him on Facebook by searching The Modern Eater!
Wishing you a fantastic weekend!

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