Gluten Free Survival Kit For the Holiday Season

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Gluten Free Bread Basket
Put those breads back on the table that are gluten-free.

For celiacs and gluten-free folks, history repeats itself with the same scenario every holiday season.

Invitations to holiday parties and office gatherings have picked up steam since Thanksgiving.  Now that we’re into the throws of our  holiday season including Christmas and Hannukah put those breads back on the table that are gluten-free.


Whether you’re celiac and have NO choice, or simply eliminated gluten from your diet because you have felt SO much better since you kicked it to the curb, its no secret these days , thanks to vast sharing of information from gluten afflicted consumers through blogs and youtube videos that when facing a table full of “gluten-based” edibles, and people stuffing their faces with the same and offering a bite, well, it just ain’t no fun.

No worries!   Gluten Free Things has your back.   Our NEW Holiday Survival Kit is packed full of a variety of the best tasting gluten-free vegan breads on the market today.   Each package can be pulled from the freezer or refrig and quickly prepared into delicious treats,  fast and easy snacks,  and gluten-free edibles.

Gluten Free Vegan Holiday Survival Kit
(Scroll below for a bunch of quickie snack ideas you can make in a snap).


Some, but not all, holiday gatherings involve bringing a covered dish.   Why not gluten free?   With our holiday survival kit, you can pull something out of the freezer and within 15 minutes, gluten-free yummies are ready to go.  You and your gluten-free or celiac pals can enjoy finger food without standing around feeling like a duck out of water.

1 pkg ONE White French Loaf
1 pkg TWO ea. Hoagie Rolls
1 pkg FOUR ea. Hamburger Buns
1 pkg FOUR ea. Hotdog Buns
1 pkg FOUR ea. Pita Bread
1 pkg FOUR ea. English Muffins
$24.00 (CO Sales Tax not included)
Flat Rate Shipping in Colorado $10 and Surrounding States $12


Hamburger Buns make DELICIOUS peanut butter and jelly finger sandwiches!
Slice each bun in half and toast gently.  Let cool one minute.  Next, slather with peanut butter and jelly and cut into finger sized  sandwiches.   OMG!  Kids love this!

Hotdog Buns make great cheese bread!
Slice into top and bottom pieces.   Spread each lightly with butter and top with mozzarella cheese, goat cheese (or a vegan substitute) and broil just until melted.    Cut into finger size pieces and serve with pasta or as an hors d’oeuvre plate to take to a party.

Hotdog Buns make delicious dinner rolls to accompany a meal. 
Cut each hotdog bun into four individual pieces and serve as dinner rolls.  Gently warm before serving by steaming or pop into the microwave on high for ONLY 10 seconds. Stop.  Check.  Microwave another 10 seconds.   You’re good to go!  Serve with butter (or vegan substitute).

Our French Loaf is served often as a delicious Italian Garlic Bread!
Slice French Loaf horizontally into two halves.   Spread butter or butter substitute on each half.   Sprinkle garlic powder or mince and spread fresh garlic butter on the bread.   Sprinkle with italian herbs.   Pop each half into the oven on a cookie sheet and broil for a few minutes until golden brown.   Remove with oven mitts and cut into bit size slices for the dinner table.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are SO GOOD when you slice our French Loaf and pop your favorite grilled cheese on the skillet until golden brown and all melty.  Wow!  Lunch is ready in just a few minutes!

Make French Toast that guests, friends, family and just about everyone will go crazy over!


< Get the full recipe and a coupon when you buy our gluten-free vegan White French Loaf.

Quickie recipe: Slice loaf into 1″ slices.   Beat 2 eggs, add 1 Tablespoon of Brown Sugar.   Melt butter in a skillet.   Dip the bread slices in the sweetened egg mixture, drain slightly and grill on the skillet until golden brown on each side.    Cut these into finger sized pieces with a toothpick in each and drizzle with maple syrup for a decadent dessert that everyone will be lavished by.   Delicious gluten free french toast is a huge crowd pleaser.

English Muffins are absolutely delicious and non-gluten people can’t tell the difference!

Slice English Muffins in half, toast and add butter and your favorite jelly.   YUMS GALORE!
Prepare Eggs Benedict and convert into gluten-free with our premium quality English Muffins.   A delicioius tradition during the holidays to treat the entire family.
Slice and lightly toast english muffins.   Spread warm english muffin butter or butter substitute to taste.   Lay on top a slice of cheese and broil for a few minutes until melted.   Voila, cheese bread that you’ll have to hide because everyone loves cheese bread.

Our Hoagie Rolls use the same recipe as our French Loaf but in smaller sub sandwich sized loaves. 

Load up your favorite sandwich fillings and enjoy a hearty meal or share with a friend.

Pita Breads will puff when you toast them.  Use our pita breads in a wide variety of snacks and meal sides. 

After toasting in the oven or toaster, open up the pocket and fill with your favorite sandwich meats, cheeses or salad mix.

Leave pita pockets flat and top with your favorite pizza toppings, broil until melty and warm and carefully remove to serve as mini-pizzas.   Create an assortment of personal pizzas for a holiday party for the kids or a gathering at the office, church, club.   Slice into wedges and fill a platter with a variety of mini pizza slices to take for a covered dish gathering.

Cut pita’s into wedges (quarters).   Separate the top and bottom pieces.   Mix up seasonings and herbs mix in olive oil and brush each pita slice with the seasoned oil.  Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.    Lay out all the pita wedges on a cookie sheet and toast on each side until nicely browned.   Pita wedges will crisp up and served with your favorite dip or humus, makes a tastebud pampering snack for the office party or other gathering.
PS: All of our gluten-free products are also VEGAN (since October 2015)
More yummy ideas to come!

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