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Colorado Ships $5 Flat Rate. Neighboring States Ship $10 Flat Rate. All other states (except HI & AK) Ship $20 Flat Rate!
Free Shipping On All Orders Over $99!*

Gluten Free Pita Flat Breads That Puff With A Pocket

Gluten Free Pita with a pocketMy role as a webmaster does have its fringe benefits.  I get to sample the quality and great flavor of Gluten Free Things products.

Of late, we’ve been working hard on a new project that will be launched later this week (fingers crossed).  The project is for a new Wholesale Buyers Club where Gluten Free Things owner, John Irvin, has worked out a win-win for gluten-free fans to purchase gluten-free food products at wholesale prices. Subscribers will hear about this first.
But this blog is not about the Wholesale Buyers Club.
Today,   I wanted to share the good news for fans about  Gluten Free Things Pita / Flat Breads.
Gluten Free Pita Flat BreadOver the weekend I experienced an AH HA moment with these tasty little gluten-free gems.
Gluten Free Things Pita / Flat Breads. are now noted as a gluten-free food item that has morphed in what I would VOTE as possessing the BEST CHANGES  over the years that I’ve been photographing, videoing and sampling.   I’m writing this post to share the great news about this fantastic product.
Ok, here’s how the AH HA moment came about.
I ordered the Essentials Sampler Box from Gluten Free Things, which was shipped last Monday evening from Arvada, CO.  This is a new product that I needed to photograph the contents of and create visuals to get the word out synonymous with the Wholesale Buyers Club subscription.    I live in Central Idaho and so via Fed Ex Ground delivery, the box arrived on Thursday around noon.  Excitedly I opened the box and began removing the contents.   I gave theGluten Free Things Flat Breads. a double take – not sure if you’ve noticed but this product now sports a label that said “Pita / Flat Bread.“.
Setup with my new Limo Lighting Studio and white muslin background rack, I excitedly raced toward the opportunity to photograph these gluten free products.  While I have a lot to learn about photography, the new tools worked perfectly to give these products a soft white background and I had fun.
As soon as I finished the photos, I placed the cookies, muffins and bread products in the freezer so that I could eat and enjoy them slowly, as time permits.  Obviously the bread type products have a shorter shelf life than the gluten-free graham crackers, bread crumbs, flours, croutons and such.  Gluten Free Things does not use preservatives, but the freezing method works really well.  Whenever I desire a muffin, cookie or any bread product, I simply remove the product from the freezer for a few hours and VOILA!  Ready for consumption, and fresh as the day they were stored in the freezer.
Saturday mid morning, after a stretch of work on the computer, in my home office, I took a break to grab a bite to eat.   WHA!  Here’s my husband in the kitchen with the bag of Gluten Free Things Pita / Flat Breads., nuking one of the little gems and making a ham and cheese sandwich.  We don’t keep much bread in the house since we follow a regular diet of low carbs.  But Saturday was a cheat day and the hubster was hungry.
I asked him how the Pita / Flat Breads tasted and he shook his head up and down as he ate the sandwich wrapped around the ham, cheese and a bit of Mayo,  and then uttered “pretty good!”.    So, I followed suit.  I nuked one pita wrapped in a paper towel for 25 seconds, used a knife to split open the pocket and shoved my ham and cheese with a bit of mayo inside.   Mmmmm!  The Pita / Flat Bread was not only flavorful, but also could be characterized as possessing a soft and delicate texture.  YES!   I had a new regard for   Pita / Flat Breads. from Gluten Free Things.   The product is really good with high quality texture that I thoroughly enjoyed!  I had not tried these for a year or more, when in the early lifecycle, the flat breads were a little too thick and of a less desirable texture for my palette.
Ok, I have to admit to you, at this juncture,   neither my husband or I are gluten intolerant or suffer the debilitating effects of celiac.  I have an iron stomach, but I treat it well, and I enjoy the plethora of gluten free products entering the market place.  Most of all, I enjoy my work as a web designer and web services provider, and I like to help John Irvin, a valued client of Wild Web West who works so hard to satisfy his gluten-free customers with great tasting gluten-free food products.
I emailed John with the good news about his Pita / Flat Breads. and sent kudos to boot.  He emailed back and prompted me with new info – that if I were to put the pita’s in a toaster, or toast in the oven, the pita’s would puff up just a like a regular Pita Bread product.   Oh boy!   I had to test this out with the last two pita’s on Sunday morning.   These gluten-free pita’s are slightly larger in diameter, than my toaster slot, but I shoved them in, pushed the toaster lever down and watched.  Behold!   The Pita /Flat Breads puffed up just like he said.   Oh man!  I turned them 180 degrees and popped in for just a little more toasting.   My grandmother taught me how to make Pita Bread, and as a half-breed Middle Eastern American, I always loved the puff of the pita’s in her oven.  Now Gluten Free Things has devised  a beautiful recipe for celiacs and gluten free intolerant consumers (or just fans of the gluten-free lifestyle)  to enjoy the same:  Pita’s with pockets to fill with gyro meats, salads or whatever fits the bill.
My Gluten Free Things Pita Pockets were filled with a little swipe of butter and strawberry jam.  Mmmmmm.   Yummy!
I highly recommend these little gems for whatever you and your family and friends might enjoy filling the pockets with.  Take them on a picnic to fill with your favorite stuff.   Enjoy!
Gluten Free Things Pita Flat Breads are the REAL THING and a tasty delicate option for gluten-free fans.   Pitas that have a nice pocket, especially if toasted, and created in an Arvada, CO USA based 100% dedicated gluten free bakery.

BONUS Recipe on the Labels for Pita Chips (yummy with hummus)

How to make Pita Chips
To make Pita Chips, Cut the flat bread diagonally or straight across in to several wedges. Pull halves of Pita Bread apart (where the pita pocket makes two layers) and lay triangle bread slices on a clean baking sheet. (Do not oil or butter yet).   Broil or Bake chips at 425 deg F until bread is to the brownness you desire, then pull baking sheet from the oven. If you are making garlic chips, brush butter and garlic combination and place back in oven and toast for 1 minute more.

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