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Colorado Ships $5 Flat Rate. Neighboring States Ship $10 Flat Rate.
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Colorado Ships $5 Flat Rate. Neighboring States Ship $10 Flat Rate. All other states (except HI & AK) Ship $20 Flat Rate!
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Gluten Free Things Hosts Sample Saturday in Arvada, CO

What is Sample Saturday?

It’s an open invitation event,  while you’re out and about this Saturday, to visit Gluten Free Things – Arvada bakery location for Samples of our awesome gluten-free vegan fare.  
It’s where we setup a big table and serve up our featured products during breakfast and lunchtime.
Sample Saturday at Gluten Free Things is a great way to try out our products before you buy.  If you have a friend or family member you know is following a gluten-free dietary regimen, or curious about it, bring them along.   Anyone who would like to try our gluten-free vegan fare is welcome, and no purchase is necessary.  We just want to spread the good word about our quality gluten-free products.
This Saturday, August 29th,  we’re featuring Egg, Ham, Cheese McGluten Sandwiches, and for lunch, our Crepes with Meat and Cheese or sweet jellies. 
All of our products are available for sale in the bakery.

Where is Gluten Free Things located? 

Gluten Free Things
11651 64th Avenue, Unit A-6,
Arvada, CO  80004
Mobile:  303-668-166
Remember, Gluten Free Things is a 100% dedicated gluten free facility.  We do not allow anything in our bakery that might contaminate the integrity of the gluten-free products we offer.
And Now!  We are proud to announce that all of our products are rated as Vegan.
(Note:  some of the food photography does not meet a Vegan rating, but the English Muffin is totally gluten-free and vegan.)

Gluten Free English Muffins
Breakfast items are offered from 9 am – 11am.  We’ll be enjoying the following:

Egg, Ham, Cheese McGluten Free Sandwiches

Lunch fare is offered from 11 am – 1 pm

Try our gluten-free vegan Crepes with Meat and Cheese or sweet jellies.
All of our products are Gluten Free Vegan   …..but our Sample Saturday will accommodate an audience of both Non-Vegans and Vegans alike.
Gluten Free Things was born of a demand for gluten-free products, and we’ve NEVER lost sight of that primary objective.    What customers serve at home with their gluten-free vegan products is of course, up to them.  Our customer base May or they May Not include eggs, meats, honey, butter or any one of the many non-vegan foods that we carnivores are apt to consume.
No doubt, and its important you know, that if you’re Vegan and attend our Sample Saturday event, just pull John aside and he’ll make sure you sample our treats, fit for a Vegan royal.   We’ll do that for anyone who asks.  K?
But for the broader masses, our Egg, Ham Cheese McGluten Free Sandwiches offer your taste buds an incredible sensation.
Whether you’re Vegan or Non-Vegan,  you  won’t taste a thing unless you stop by on Saturday between 9am and 1pm.
No matter what types of activities you’ve got planned, stop by Gluten Free Things in Arvada, CO this Saturday to sample our tasty things, feed your tummy and feed your curiosity.
Sample Saturday is always hosted the last Saturday of every month through October, and is a very popular event for gluten-free consumers milling around on the weekend and want to sample the great tasting food products that are produced exclusively by Gluten Free Things.

Bakery AwardHey do you mind if we brag a little bit?

Recently Gluten Free Things has earned a nice award from Arvada’s Best Businesses.
Gluten Free Things, Inc. has been selected as the 2015 Best Business of Arvada in the category of Bakeries.
The Arvada Best Businesses Program is an annual program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Arvada area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value. 
For more details and information please visit our website:
Arvada Best Businesses – Bakeries
In a competitive market such as the Denver Metro area, we love recognition and we’ll take every honor we can earn.
See you Saturday!

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