for one-stop gluten-free online shopping.

Introducing For One-Stop Gluten Free Shopping

Dear Gluten Freebies, Friends and Family, 

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new online platform featuring none other than: GLUTEN FREE FOODS & THINGS. 

Logo for Gluten Free Depot

It is my personal mission to build into the largest online store for gluten free products, complete with helpful blog articles and features. This online gluten free focused store has been launched as an Amazon Associate site where Gluten Free Things, Inc. earns from qualifying purchases. promotes over 20 of the best gluten free brands available in the gluten free marketplace today. Gluten free brands like Enstrom Candies, Barilla and Ronzoni Pastas, Cappellos Pastas along with one of my favorite all time favorite snacks, Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels are already available for your shopping pleasure.    

As mentioned, we’re initially building out as an Amazon Associate site.  Ultimately however, my plan includes expansion to other similar associate affiliations to MAXIMIZE the availability of gluten free products, as well as expanding into other specialty foods for Keto and Paleo customers.  

Over the years Gluten Free Things, Inc. has manufactured some of the best tasting gluten free breads and treats on the market.  However, we are not alone in the marketplace, as multitudes of other great products hit the marketplace and rise in popularity. In essence, provides us with the vehicle to expand our gluten free footprint into a one stop shopping experience that assists celiacs, gluten intolerant consumers and eventually paleo and other specialty diet consumers to keep their finger on the pulse of the best specialty foods on the market. 

At Gluten Free Things, we are delighted and privileged to interact with awesome customers who order on-line and also visit our Arvada, Colorado bakery where conversations about gluten free and allergen free foods become lively and often erupt into laughing and fun times.   Rest assured, we will still be manufacturing, selling and shipping our quality Gluten Free Things brand breads and treats well into the future. 

Again, our goal in the immediate future is to build into the most comprehensive, one stop shopping experience for all things gluten free.   From sales to great tasting featured products, we’ll always help our gluten free audience to easily and quickly identify gluten free products ON SALE and reviews that help consumers to wade through the growing list of gluten free products hitting the marketplace. 

We’re just getting started with our product reviews,  but there are lots more to come.  

Consider subscribing to our Gluten Free Depot News for periodic insights and reviews on some of my favorite products.  Our subscribe feature is at the bottom of the home page at  

Thank you and happy holidays!


John Irvin, CEO
Gluten Free Things, Inc. 

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