Prepare Yourself with the Gluten Free Vegan Emergency Survival Kit

January 2018 winter storms also named “Bomb Cyclone Winter Storm” is pounding the East Coast and even  the South. Its the perfect time to think about what could happen during a natural disaster when peril strikes and travel has been brought to a halt.  Its definitely NOT during those moments of peril, when you want to start thinking about emergency supplies.   It may be too late then, and your efforts to patch together a plan could spell DISASTER, especially for those on specialty diets of one type or another.

In this article, we’re focused on gluten free and vegan consumers with special emphasis on those battling Celiac Sprue disease.   Make it a purposeful goal to avoid the discomfort and fear when serious danger looms outdoors.   With a little forethought and preparedness, you can keep  your family safe and comfortable, with supplies to get you through a few days or a week of unplanned power outages or news that store shelves are wiped out.
We always need water to sustain hydration so advanced purchases of bottled water or several containers that you can fill from your own household water source can get you by until travel outdoors is safe again.  Remember, if its dangerous for us to go outside, most of your delivery trucks that supply groceries to the local stores are facing the same dangers.

The key is to plan ahead.  Especially if you or a family member are burdened with the less flexible options for food, and the elimination of gluten from your diet means you have few choices left in the household pantry or freezer.   Think what you might do if grocery stores had no perishable veggies, no gluten-free bread and were closed for the safety of their employees?

Thats when it pays to PREPARE in advance with food and water supplies that meet the needs of your family in these unexpected weather events.
Gluten Free Things Emergency Survival Kit is a wonderful, quality bread kit that we introduced before the holiday season as the “Holiday Survival Kit”.  It contains six packages of our most popular gluten-free vegan premium bread products:

Get Prepared For Unexpected Weather Events To Keep Your Family Safe. 

Our Emergency Survival Kit includes:
1 pkg White French Loaf 
1 pkg 2 ea Hoagie Rolls 
1 pkg 4 ea Hamburger Buns 
1 pkg 4 ea Hotdog Buns 
1 pkg 4 ea Pita Bread 
1 pkg 4 ea English Muffins 
Master Baker and Owner of Gluten Free Things, John Irvin, said:   
“Instead of the regular price of $35.94, the price of $24 needs to be a permanent value-added price change for  this important kit in 2018.”
You heard it from the boss.   Our gluten-free vegan Emergency Survival Kit is $24.00 (CO Sales Tax not incl) through 2018.  And if you do the math, that works out to $4 per package.   The high cost of gluten-free ingredients is no fallacy.  The special flours and ingredients, as well as the intense labor and handling of gluten-free vegan bread is expensive no doubt.  But at Gluten Free Things, our customers mean the world to us and we know from all the comments and reviews that we’re distributing a high quality product. 

And don’t forget!  Since we’re a Colorado dedicated gluten-free facility, we honor shipping prices that are value oriented.

Flat Rate Shipping in Colorado is always $10 and Surrounding States $12.   We use FedEx and UPS to ship to other locations which averages $15 to $20 depending on the weight and volume of your order.
No matter how you and your family prepares for huge snow storms and devastating natural disasters, do yourself a favor and prepare you and your family with the Gluten Free Things Emergency Survival Kit.   Our product freezes well for extended periods and will nurture the creature comforts needed when disaster strikes.
Put those breads back on the table with with Gluten Free Things Emergency Survival Kit.

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