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Review of Gluten Free Things Bread – Part 3

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Product Review by Janice Schroeder of
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Today I will be reviewing Gluten Free Things Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns. 

If you have ever had a problem with gluten-free buns, I am happy to say that you will love Gluten Free Things Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns.  They are much better than what you will find in your local grocery store.  On with the review!

I found these to be much better than Udi’s hamburger buns.  The texture was soft and fresh.  It toasted up nicely.  It tasted like bakery bread.  If you have ever had a gluten-free hamburger bun fall apart, that won’t happen here.  The bun held up to a hamburger, fried onions, bacon and cheese.

Rating:  A+

Hot Dog Buns

Product review of Gluten Free Things brand hotdog buns by Our hotdog buns are not only gluten-free but also 100% vegan. Don't take our word for it. Check Janice Schroeders review of these gluten-free vegan products.
Gluten Free Vegan Hotdog Buns

If you’re like me, you have probably had trouble finding a decent gluten-free hot dog bun.  My husband tried one and said it was really good tasting and held up nicely.  He did say it was a bit large for the hot dog, and I tend to agree with him.  It was a bit hard, but he microwaved it and it was fine.  He said he would not know that it was gluten-free.  I thought it was much better after it was toasted.  Overall flavor and texture were very good.

Rating: A

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