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Review of Gluten Free Things – Gluten Free Bread – Part 1

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3rd party reviews of Gluten Free Things

I recently had the pleasure of receiving samples of bread from Gluten Free Things, located in [Arvada] Colorado.  They make specialty gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, soy free, vegan bread.  Their bread is made in a dedicated, gluten-free facility, so it is celiac safe.

Gluten Free Things is the brainchild of John Irvin:

John Irvin, a mechanical engineer turned gluten-free baker, used scientific knowledge, mathematics and ingenuity to perfect his gluten-free products. The result? Gluten-free things that don’t fall apart when you eat them.  As a result, our premium products are growing in popularity because they taste great and don’t crumble and fall apart in your hands when you eat them. Our gluten-free vegan products are formulated for great taste and quality texture, including French bread, hoagie rolls, english muffins, pita bread, hamburger buns, hotdog buns, pizza crusts, bagels, croissants, graham crackers and crumbs, cookies, muffins, waffle and pancake mix, a variety of dough products and a host of other tasty gluten free goodness baked in our dedicated gluten free bakery located in Arvada, Colorado.Our gluten-free vegan products contain zero preservatives, and are #dairy-free, #egg-free, #soy-free and #nut-free.  All but our English Muffins are #corn-free.  We use cornmeal in our batter to add a delicate flavor that our customers are wild about.    Our products are also #nut-free to reduce potential allergens for our valued customers. You can read more about John and his products here.

They sent me their gluten free survival kit, which consists of 2 Hoagies, 4 Hot Dog Buns, 4 Croissants, 4 English Muffins, 1 French Loaf and 4 Hamburger Buns.  I was excited to try all of these, especially the English Muffins and Croissants!  Lord knows I have tried some really bad bread in my time since I became gluten-free.  If there is one thing I miss the most, it is freshly baked bread.  I miss walking into a bakery and smelling that wonderful yeasty and sweet smell.

Here is the description from the website:

Taste the difference and try it before you toast it.  Master Baker John Irvin has worked hard to elevate the standards of gluten-free products available on the market today.   Just read our 5 star gluten-free bread reviews in google, yelp and other online portals.

What sets Gluten Free Things apart from the rest?   Our premium gluten-free vegan products are all carefully formulated to produce great taste and texture, with minimal ingredients.


If you’re traveling in or live in the area of Arvada, CO, be sure to stop in at West 64th and Simms to sample our products.   We love to pamper your tastebuds with our premium quality bread products baked in a dedicated gluten-free bakery!


Want to try the premium taste of Gluten Free Things? You can!  We ship across the USA in all lower 48 states.  Choose from FedEx or UPS.


If you live in the Denver Metro area and want to avoid shipping fees altogether, save time, but still take advantage of our customer loyalty incentives, just shop in our online store, checkout with Amazon Pay, Credit Card or Paypal and select our free Customer Pickup Option.  We’ll have your order ready to pickup by the next morning unless you call or include an order message for a specific morning or afternoon that you’d like to stop by.

AVOID TRAFFIC ALL TOGETHER with our Flat Rate Shipping of $10 in Colorado and $12  for shipping addresses in neighboring states of Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico.

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical that gluten-free bread could taste like real bakery bread.  I mean, how could you possibly pull that off successfully?  Could gluten-free bread be flaky, tender and tasty?  Don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic that the bread is not only gluten-and-dairy free, but nut free as well.  Since I am allergic to nuts, and there is more and more bread that is made with almond flour and dairy, I am precluded from trying a lot of gluten-free bread.  John is certainly on the right track.  But it’s all about taste and texture.  These are the two things that tend to disappoint those of us who can’t eat gluten.  I am tired of bread that crumbles and disintegrates.  I’m sure you are too!

I will be eagerly tucking into this bread in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for my reviews.

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