Gluten Free Vegan Communion Bits – Made in a Dedicated Gluten Free Facility. Safe for Celiacs!

Gluten Free Communion Bits

Easter is just around the corner.   Is your church in need of a gluten-free vegan communion bread?

Orders of our gluten-free vegan communion bits are on the rise and with Easter just a few weeks away, we’re getting calls for orders of these tasty little morsels made in our Arvada, CO dedicated gluten free facility, so safe for celiacs.   The gluten-free lifestyle is a must for many in your congregation, not a choice.   So if your church wishes to adapt to the social changes related to food products, and would like to ask questions or place an order for our gluten-free vegan communion bits, please contact us in advance of Easter services.

Ancient Wheat in the time of Christ had a total of 14 chromosomes.   Today,  modern wheat has over 25,000 chromosomes.   Thats a big jump.   Why?

Alterations to wheat were performed in the latter half of the twentieth century, and that trend resulted in the creation of many new strains.  Up until that time,  wheat was virtually the same as two centuries prior.
Christians celebrate the sacrament of COMMUNION which is a very important ritual, celebrating Christ.  Today, many Christians are unable accept the sacrament of COMMUNION because of their intolerance to wheat and wheat products.
In the Bible passage found in scriptures 1st Corinthians 11:24-25,  Jesus Christ told his followers, “take this bread and eat of it.  Do this in remembrance of me.”   By eating bread and drinking wine, Christians unite as one body,  with Christ as the head.
Bread is the metaphor for the body of Christ, however more and more Christians are increasingly unable to enjoy communion bread due to gluten (wheat) allergic reactions.
What is a good Christian to do, but go gluten-free not only at home, but at their place of worship.   Churches are listening.   Years ago, Gluten Free Things of Arvada Colorado was approached by Flat Irons Community Church in Lafayette Colorado.   The church identified a problem where a growing number of members were unable to take communion because of their gluten intolerance or celiacs disease, and they asked Gluten Free Things to help them with the solution – to offer a gluten free product for communion.
John Irvin, owner of the fast growing Arvada, CO based gluten free products business,  devised a product that he terms as “Communion Bits”.  They’re flavorful, crunchy gluten free bread bits that congregations enjoy.   The communion bits have a long shelf life and therefore, will keep on the shelf without going stale or molding.

A high demand for gluten free communion bits have led other churches to contact Gluten Free Things in pursuit of the same.

Today,  Gluten Free Things supplies over 30,000 of these tasty, crunchy Gluten Free Communion Bits every month to Flat Irons Community Church.  The progressive leaders of the Flat Irons
Community Church highlighted an issue, acted upon it, and have enabled gluten intolerant members to participate in receiving the communion sacrament once again. Flat Irons Church will be purchasing 70 thousand bits from Gluten Free Things for its upcoming Easter services.  What a blessing!
Now, word is spreading about these gluten free communion bits and other churches are ordering Gluten Free Communion Bits in
preparation for Easter services and beyond.
Gluten Free Things, Inc.  is committed to philanthropic efforts and donates all proceeds from the sale of these Gluten Free Vegan Communion Bits to a charitable community project.
Gluten Free Things, Inc. is a dedicated gluten free facility located in Arvada, CO.
Telephone:  303-668-1663

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