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Colorado Ships $5 Flat Rate. Neighboring States Ship $10 Flat Rate.
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Colorado Ships $5 Flat Rate. Neighboring States Ship $10 Flat Rate. All other states (except HI & AK) Ship $20 Flat Rate!
Free Shipping On All Orders Over $99!*

Why Are Consumers Adopting A Gluten-Free and Vegan Combination Diet?

Gluten Free Sample Saturday in Arvada CORight and left, we’re seeing posts, articles, tweets, ads and more about the combinations of nutritional programs consumers are opting to adopt in this day and age.   One of those combinations making giant waves is the combination of veganism and gluten-free.   Why are these two dietary approaches in combination, becoming so popular?
Gluten Free Things has always based its food products on gluten-free and we operate a 100% dedicated gluten-free bakery.   Now, in response to popular demand, we have converted all of our bread products to vegan (with exception to our Italian Butter Cream Icing that we drizzle on our cinnamon rolls.)  By the end of 2015 we will have converted all of our muffins and cookies to vegan as well.
So at this juncture,  we will examine the potential reasons why so many consumers are opting for a combined gluten-free and vegan lifestyle.

Gluten Free CrostiniWhy Vegan

By opting to source ingredients for our products that meet the dietary demands of individuals who wish to refrain from consuming animal products of any kinds –this includes honey- we are proud to support a food system that promotes sustainable health for both humans and the environment.
While there is a vast amount of information regarding the nutritional benefits of a adopting a vegan lifestyle, the massive impacts of this dietary choice on environmental health is equally substantial.
This can be seen by looking at the immensely energy intensive livestock operations that dominate our world today.
Take, for example, the estimated 3,000 gallons of water or 30 pounds of Co2 Emissions that it takes to produce just a single pound of beef.   With water becoming a limited resource and statistics like these, it becomes clear that our current livestock production methods are anything but sustainable. This is why we have chosen to source our ingredients from the highest quality vegan friendly sources, in order to do our part supporting sustainability in each facet of our food system –from farm to fork.
Millions of chickens that have been euthanized due to a widespread  strain of bird flu,  gives additional rise to the concern about using eggs in our food products.  The price of eggs has increased substantially since news of the bird flu hit the mainstream – where supplies are decreased.

Why Gluten Free?

Gluten is the protein composite found in wheat, barley, and rye that give dough its elastic texture and has long been treasured for its ability to help breads rise into fluffy loaves.
In the last century,  intense genetic manipulation of these grains has created wheat varieties that have proportions of gluten that would have never been found in nature.
Unfortunately for us, humans haven’t evolved to handle these unnaturally high levels of gluten… and as a result many people experience serious adverse reactions from its consumption.
At Gluten Free Things, our core business evolves around baked goods that are 100% gluten free. Through extensive research and testing, we rely on special combinations of alternative grains and non-gluten products to provide the texture we are accustomed to, without sacrificing the mouth-watering taste our customers deserve.

Shop for Gluten-Free Vegan Breads at or our retail bakery in Arvada, CO.

Those consumers who are gluten intolerant say that they feel better when serving a gluten-free vegan snack or meal to their family.   On the other hand, we supply much of our gluten-free vegan products to consumers diagnosed with Celiac Sprue.   Celiacs cannot ingest even the smallest molecule of gluten or face the gut wrench pains and other health issues associated with this disease.
From White French Bread, English Muffins, Pita Flat Breads, Crostinis and Croutons to a variety of cookies and muffins, as well as pizza dough and pie crust, Gluten Free Things is all about quality products that do not sacrifice great taste!

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