Gluten Free Things Dedicated Bakery based in Arvada CO

Gluten Free Things, Inc.

A Colorado Dedicated Gluten Free Bakery. Celiac Safe.

Gluten Free Things, Inc. is located in Arvada Colorado at the corner of
West 64th Avenue and Simms in Friendly Square shopping center.

Easy Pie Crust Mix

Gluten free vegan pie crust mix from Gluten Free Things is an easy and delicious pantry staple for anytime pie crust needs.

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Our Story

Over a decade ago, John Irvin, CEO, began to experience some health issues and at the urging of his wife, Peggy, began to cut gluten from his diet.  Upon searching for breads and treats that were gluten free, Irvin was unimpressed by the gluten free products that were available at that time.  He has often been quoted as stating his goal forward “was to develop a recipe for gluten free bread that would not taste like the cardboard box it came in”.

At that time, Irvin made a career change from mechanical engineer to dedicated gluten free bakery owner. He worked tirelessly to change the lackluster taste and texture of gluten free things to something that consumers could enjoy and compliment their meals with. Gluten Free Things, Inc., a Colorado Dedicated Gluten Free facility was born out of that early dream and the passion that drove one man’s goal to produce one of the “Best Tasting Gluten Free Breads and Treats” in the gluten-free marketplace.

Gluten Free Vegan
Cakes and Cupcakes

For Cakes & Cupcakes
3 Day Advance Pre-Order Required.

Made in our Colorado Dedicated Gluten Free Bakery

Valentines Themed Gluten Free Vegan Cupcakes
Valentines Themed, Strawberry Flavored Pink Icing on White Cupcakes.


Dedicated Gluten Free Products Business
John Irvin, CEO
Gluten Free Things, Inc.


Gluten Free Things, Inc. is a Colorado dedicated gluten-free & vegan facility and retail bakery located in Arvada and owned by John and Peggy Irvin. 

John is the mastermind behind this Colorado dedicated gluten free facility.  Peggy overlooks quality control and other business matters. 

“Our GOAL”, John states,  ” is to provide the specialty foods industry with the BEST tasting, HIGHEST quality gluten-free and vegan bread products available in the U.S. gluten free marketplace. All of Gluten Free Things are also 100% vegan:  dairy free, egg free, corn free, soy free and nut free. 

In our local Arvada and Denver metro marketplace, gluten-free and vegan consumers are visiting our dedicated bakery to enjoy and celebrate the freshness and take home the quality taste that Gluten Free Things offers in it’s line of breads, graham crackers, cakes, cookies, doughs,  crusts, flour mixes and kits.

Visit our Colorado dedicated gluten free retail bakery
at the corner of West 64th & Simms.



11651 W 64th Ave, Ste A6, Arvada, CO


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Valentines Themed Cupcakes Available For Order Feb 1 - Feb 14th