Colorado Gluten Free

Colorado Gluten Free bakeries are growing in numbers. But Gluten Free Things has stood the test of time as a very popular source for tasty gluten free and vegan breads and treats.

Gluten Free Things is also one of very few Dedicated Bakeries available in Colorado, which means "Celiac-Safe".

Colorado Gluten Free

Our breads, crackers, crusts, cookies, doughs, desserts and flour mixes are 100% dairy free, egg free, soy free, nut free and corn free and our premium products contain zero preservatives. 

As a big thanks to all of our valued COLORADO customers, we wanted to show the love where it counts:  in your wallet. 

If you landed on this post, we know you were search for Colorado Gluten Free.  So please take advantage of using our coupon code: COLORADOGF  that has no expiration and can be used in our retail bakery or when shopping online at   

The coupon code applies to all Gluten Free Things brand products except DESSERTS (cakes and cupcakes).   

Our coupon code also applies to purchases that are eligible for Bulk Discounts.   Gluten Free Things refers to bulk pricing as Value Pack and Super Value Pack. Just click on the Bulk Discounts link in each product detail page to see the savings when you purchase additional items of the same.   In other words, the more you buy, the more you save!